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31st December 2013, 00:11
Hi all,
after doing a ' triple spin with pike' on getting out of of the shower/bath this morning.....and subsequently scoring a
5.5, 6.9 and an 8.0....I'm thinking it may be time to consider the above. Does anyone have any advice re reputable companies, possible grants re any funding towards the cost?

Regards, and a healthy, happy 2014.


31st December 2013, 00:59
Hi Pete,

I've got what's supposed to be a non-slip surface on the shower area floor, it's crap.
I buy proper matting, don't know if you want to pay the price though, a bit costly


All the best


31st December 2013, 02:15
Hahaha :) No bronze medal for you Pete, you win the Gold !!

On a serious note though, please do be very careful !! bathroom slip and falls a big no no for sure, not good for the bones, butt or anything else! Good luck with your Wet Room (bathroom in my part of town LOL)

Ray, saw your matts what a great product, but in description in said 'dreaded bathroom bugs' what does that mean?? did they mean 'rugs' ? Why would there be bugs in the bathroom?? I know I'm probably sounding very American, but I don't understand the bug situation in bathroom?? Is that a European problem?


31st December 2013, 02:25
Thanks for the link Ray. I'll look into it in the New Year.

31st December 2013, 02:28
Nice one CC. Its a bathroom where I live to......Just being posh!

In The interim....have to get my good lady (Ruth) to shower with me....just to be on the safe side!

Pete X

31st December 2013, 02:33
HAHAHA even better!!

But what about the bugs....?

31st December 2013, 16:48
Don't worry about the bugs Cc;

I am sure Ruth and Pete will wash them too at the same time.

Some wetroom flooring is very None Slip, depends what you order or get.

From a soon to be clean Terry

31st December 2013, 19:07
Hi all and happy new year to you all,

We have just completed a wet room for my husband Robert. We had to do the work without any financial help or grants as I think you have to be means tested. Before we started our OH gave us advice on size etc for wheelchair access. We treated a normal tiled floor with acid stuff supplied be the tile company. This seems to work very well it's just the very slight slope towards the drain that Robert finds difficult but he now showers with a high stool obtained through social services. The loo has been mounted slightly higher than normal and we have put in provision for an all singing all dancing loo when the time comes. He also has a sensory tap which he is still getting used to. (It seems to have a mind of its own). We have had underfloor heating put in which makes it more comfortable for him. (When he gets cold he tenses up as we all do and cannot move well.)

We were very lucky in that his brother is a builder and did the work for us.

Hope you manage to find a good builder to help you I'm sure you will.

(Will look out for the bugs!!)

Love to all lynda lilyou

1st January 2014, 14:47
Thanks all for your comments/experiences and advice.
Past two days have gone well.....l,with no 'naked gymnastics' on exiting the bath/shower!

1st January 2014, 21:51
Now CC lets have none of this denial when it comes to mildew in the bathroom - it was the USA that introduced us to the anthropomorphic character of the same name in the 70's!:rolleyes:


1st January 2014, 23:53
On a serious note I would preference size and warmth with a wet room.

The whole idea is to remain in those familiar home surroundings for as long as possible in safety and comfort.

I found a bargain low walled shower enclosure on ebay - that helped keep costs down when sorting Dads wet room.

I do wish I had installed underfloor heating but he was of the opinion “I won’t be around long enough to justify the costs”.

I got my sizes off the building regulations for disabled web sites and the bi-fold doors of the shower allow a full turning circle for his power-chair.

I chose a floor tile with a slightly undulating surface to provide a purchase wet or dry.

Dad has now got to the stage of being wheeled into the shower but can have a bit of control dousing himself as I fitted a trigger activated hand held so that the water is off if he loses grip of the shower and drops the rose to avoid everyone getting a soaking.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year P.

2nd January 2014, 02:55
Hi Panda

Mildew yes, but bugs?? No. Do you guys call mildew, bugs? I tried to open the MildewWolf image but my computer couldn't open it, maybe afraid it might download a bug! LOL :)


2nd January 2014, 11:10

2nd January 2014, 17:56
Mildew Bacteria Wolf Bugs! ? Oh my!

2nd January 2014, 22:06
Hi Maxmas08. now what you mean had to ditch the bath months ago as Mrs couldn't manage we consulted with our carers and got half height showers screens this allows the carer to assist without getting soaked cant remember the web site but we just googled half height shower screens and found a company in Hampshire who provided the product and the vat free forms if you qualify which I suspect you do. the walk shower works a treat. regards gerald

3rd January 2014, 16:40
Thanks Gerald......All the best!

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