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31st December 2013, 20:51

A New Year here to celebrate once again. Plenty of parties, and fireworks on this side of the pond, as I‘m sure on your side as well. Skipping the parties, for ‘us old folks’ over here a good bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, watching The Ball drop in Times Square, and blowing a few horns at midnight is about as much partying as we plan to do, then calling it a night.

Couldn’t ring in the new year without wishing forum friends a very wonderful, promising, and hopeful new year ahead. Filled with lots of good stuff; peace of mind, tons of love, comfort on difficult days, sunshine to brighten your being, plenty of hugs when spirits low, seeing the beauty in what‘s near and dear to you, true faithful friendships, hope and faith to believe, patience and acceptance to love yourself, and courage to continue forward :)

Plus my favorite new year resolution, ‘Be kind and good to yourself, and to those you love’

Good night, take care
CC xoxo

'Just for you'

31st December 2013, 21:51
Happy New Year CC and to everyone else.....see you in 2014!

1st January 2014, 00:57
Happy new year to you all.xx.

1st January 2014, 13:33
I can't put it better than you have CC, so I second what you've said.
You are all always in my prayers, Happy New Year to everybody who comes onto this forum as a carer or person with MND, or, like me, someone who has lost a loved one because of this dreadful disease.
p.s. our theme for our NYE party this year was Italy, and I looked up your sign off CC and I say 'hugs and kisses to you'... too! XX

1st January 2014, 14:13
What a great theme Debbie! Hope you had a wonderful evening in Italy! :)

My husband speaks Italian fluently, and has been grabbing my kids since they were little, would slobber them with kisses, and say that to them in Italian. Then when they became teenagers it became some choice Italian words I can’t repeat ! Haha

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, this forum is always in mine as well. God bless have wonderful new year :)


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