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3rd January 2014, 14:20
We are ready to order sanitary ware for our wet room. I wanted to ask the forum if there is anything you'd recommend or things to avoid. I'm planning to use the bio bidet on the toilet.

I've asked our OT but people that have experience of using the equipment can usually advise on things we might have missed.

3rd January 2014, 14:49
We're getting a wet-room installed soon, not been looking at hardware yet. I think hubby has mentally spent our budget on a fantastic shower!

Alan Livett
3rd January 2014, 15:53
Hi. When we planned our wetroom we decided to put a standard toilet in with electrical wiring to be used in the future for a closomat toilet. Social services have provided me with a shower chair. The only issue was to ensure the this fit over the toilet bowl. If you are thinking of using a biobidet, you would need to check the height of the loo and biobidet combined allows a showerchair to fit. Hope this helps and makes sense. Happy new year. Alan

3rd January 2014, 17:27
Don't forget your OT can apply to MNDA for a grant towards the cost of a biobidet.

3rd January 2014, 17:35
We've already got the BB via the MNDA, that's as far as we've got!

12th January 2015, 18:03
When my late husband had a biobidet, we bought a special chair from Astrobannerman which fitted over it as the shower chair kindly provided by Social Services didn't.

14th January 2015, 15:31
hello Steve. We have just had a bio bidet installed and it is ace - has a warm seat!

We got the wet room fitted by the plumbers who fitted in the bio bidet, working with electricians to get the wiring in. MNDA ordered it and paid for it directly. I approached the helpline originally who liaised with my NHS Senior OT and they paid the invoice themselves so we didn't get involved at all.

Also to let you know the PIG procedure at Sheffield went OK, without complication. Steve, thank you very much for giving me the thumbs up about it. It was a brave move for me but I know I wont regret it!

Pm me if you want any more info about bio bidet


Joycie x

14th January 2015, 15:40
Hi Joycie

Really pleased everything went well.

That post was from Jan 2014, we had our wet room installed in May so I have been enjoying a warm bum for 8 months now!


14th January 2015, 15:45
Oh... I really missed the boat with that one, didn't I? Ha! Ha!

Best regards

Joycie xx

14th January 2015, 15:52
Ha ha, not to worry.

They are brill though, I would recco for anyone.

14th January 2015, 19:45
Hi Joycie and Steve,
The OT is coming out on Friday, to see us about having a bio bidet fitted. I explained to him the reasons why I though the time was right, one was the ongoing constipation which OT said is not a good enough reason to have a bio bidet, I also explain Jim is losing the stregnth in his hands. I was a little annoyed that we have to go through this cross examination from this guy, surely the fact that hubby was diagnosed with MND in September is enough. My husband said we'll pay for it ourselves if theres going to be a problem. But I have said we will ring MNDA and leave it in their hands if theirs a problem. Evidently our local council pay for it, so that is why there are 20 questions Grrrrr.

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