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3rd January 2014, 13:45
Hit with a blizzard in the North East of US today. To make it worse it’s absolutely freezing here, keeping warm with lots of coffee, tea and hot chocolate to help.

Amazing with what a foot a snow can do, officially declared in a ‘State of Emergency’ Everything shut down. Boston was hit with 2 feet of it! (sorry, but for some reason this country refuses to get on the metric system like the rest of the world) We can send it your way if you want it, once we can start using our snow blowers LOL There’s always a positive, it’s definitely prettier then rain :) and my dogs having a ball in it !!

CC xoxo

3rd January 2014, 14:54
Don't worry we refer to snow in feet here too.....or at least most of us do...... :)

3rd January 2014, 15:00
Hi CC,

Well to be honest would really prefer you blew it the other way ,as here that much snow would close our country down !!, we have to have advice on heavy rain and high winds ,the TV is broadcasting flood alerts as I type this , so don't send the snow please . Stay warm and safe and keep drinking that chocolate .


3rd January 2014, 16:44
Hi CC,

As Pete says that much snow over here would bring us to a standstill yet you guys have the ability to cope. We were travelling across the US by train in December 2012 from San Francisco to Chicago (3 days) and although there was snow drifting up to 8 feet good old Amtrak just kept ploughing on and we were only 11 hours late. Over here we stop the trains if there are leaves on the line, high winds or frozen points. I'm going to hunker down for the weekend as we are expecting floods, gales and coastal sea damage. I have a good supply of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and wine. No preference for which order but as the sun is down I suspect the latter.

Barry52 xx

3rd January 2014, 18:22
Hahaha you guys made me laugh! :)

I guess you would be right, we are coping here Barry. We do take a lickin and keep on tickin! Lol It took Hurricane Sandy to send us all over the edge into nervous break down territory, we were like refugees searching for food and gas, getting ready to sell our first-borns for it! Haha Oh god, just thinking about gives me the shakes! Certainly hope we don’t ever have a repeat performance of that one!

Ok Pete, will blow snow in the other direction, down South towards Florida, that State has stolen all the Sunshine anyway. Stay well stocked then on the wine, tea, hot chocolate for the floods over there (agree, wine first! :)) Hopefully nothing to serious to shut down your country!

Stay warm, safe and dry as well :)


3rd January 2014, 21:50
Hi cc. Now if you are going to send snow our way remember in the uk the wrong type of snow shuts down the transport network so test it first please lol regards gerald

3rd January 2014, 22:17

Ok Gerald will test it first, but if it's the melting kind of snow, would that be ok not to shut down your country? :) lol

4th January 2014, 13:08
Hi CC,

The last thing we want is the melting kind. The UK is already waterlogged and as most of the population live at sea level or near rivers we would all have to take to the hills - lol

4th January 2014, 16:22
Hi Barry

Hahaha, don't worry you all won't have to head for the hills, I checked it this morning, and it's the frozen kind! We will be stuck with it for a while here :) lol


4th January 2014, 21:52
Cc saw new jersey on our news im sure it was you shovelling the stuff away. Xxxxxxxxx gerald

5th January 2014, 04:30
LOL :) I plead the fifth Gerald.

Actually spent the day in Long Island at my sister's for a wonderful post New Year party :) I met a lovely couple from England there (friends of my brother in law) They have citizenship here, but return home every year for a few months. Told them about this UK based forum, they explained a lot to me about your NHS. They did have a lot of negatives to say, but also some positives. What struck me most was how overall impressed they are with our healthcare system here, but hated and outraged by their monthly costs for it. The wife was a diabetic and the husband was basically healthy and in his 50's. Are you ready for this, hold on to your horses, their monthly premiums for just the two of them for their healthcare insurance is $1,600 !! I said to them 'welcome to America'


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