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9th January 2014, 11:55
We have now decided that the time has come to look at getting a hospital bed for Eddy to make him more comfortable. Our community matron has said there is no problem in getting one but has given us the dimensions with the wheel base.

Can anyone help with the overall dimensions including all the frame.

Hope you are all having a good day. Love DIane

9th January 2014, 13:54
I think that the bed will improve Eddy's and your life by making things easier.

I can not measure my bed, ask OT as they could be a bit different. you need to allow a few inches at ends if you want to tilt the bed and a few if you have grab rails on the side.

love terry

9th January 2014, 14:27
Thanks Terry forgot about OT I will give her a call.

Alan Livett
9th January 2014, 14:52
I saw my OT yesterday to arrange for the same for me. She told me the dimensions were 37" x 83"



9th January 2014, 15:25
Same here, our OT has asked us to make space for a hospital bed as I struggle now. Not sure how big it'll be, they assessed the space in the room where it is going to be placed.

Got to move our lounge into the dining room and dining room into storage.

10th January 2014, 09:59
I can't give dimensions, but it seems you have those, but my 'spare' room, which is now dad's room is small and the bed fits and works fine in there. I've had to ensure other furniture is out so they can move things when needed for hoisting etc but it works.

10th January 2014, 11:44
Thank you all so much for the replies. As usual our gang are so helpful. Have a good day. Diane

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