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25th April 2011, 21:44
Ive really noticed over this week how much worse the heat has made my legs. I have until now been able to walk about ten steps with a walking frame but by this weekend due to the hot weather I was barely able to walk at all. Has anyone else noticed this?

However, in response to this my daughter massaged my legs by pressing with her thumbs in a rotating movement over my muscles (which really hurt) and then cupping up and down the shins and over my thighs with her hand. She was taught how to do this by an oesteopath who said that it would relieve the build up of latic acid which creates the glued up feeling that you get with muscular disease. The result each time my daughter has done this has been amazingly good and the benefits have freed me up to walk my ten steps again for the next day. I dont know how to describe this technique but will try and get further information from the oesteopath to pass on to everyone. Has anyone else ever had benefits from massage or similar? vanessa

26th April 2011, 15:15
Hi Vane,
My physiotherapist massages my legs or me at every opportunity, and it really helps me. Mind you, I can no longer walk, so the effects are confined to removing that tired, lazy-leg feeling, getting the blood flowing and removing lymph and lactic acid and other bits you don't need. Trouble is that there is now so little muscle left that it's not easy finding something to massage!

26th April 2011, 23:13
Hi Vane,

It seems to be MS sufferers feel the heat, while MND sufferers feel the cold?

Best wishes


28th April 2011, 00:46
Massage is a good way of removing the pain but not a heavy massage. A gentle massage will do. If massage has no effect then just try stretch your muscles in a gentle manner.

30th April 2011, 11:20
I always take body massage with almond oil or any essential oil..it really helps me to get relives from stress and pain...

30th July 2012, 14:59
My local hospice provides weekly aromatherapy massage sessions. It's wonderful. You can feel muscles you didn't realise were tense dreamily relaxing away. Obviously this will depend on your locality and the services your local hospice offers but I would suggest it certainly worth an enquiry.

30th July 2012, 18:27
My wife gave me one of those tie massages the other night but guilt overtook her and she loosened the knot.

Warmest Regards Bob

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