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Jacqui Priestley
27th April 2011, 15:48
I am struggling with saliva control - way too much when I eat but too little at other times. I think this has resulted in a permanent White or yellow Tongue - not nice!! I've tried a couple of gels/liquid anti fungal medicines to no avail. Anyone got a solution?

28th April 2011, 15:06
Hello from Salisbury, Jacqui. I know there are drugs for 'secretions control' and that it is a common problem in MND. I have not tried them, but your doctor will know....Overnight, with the NIV drying out my mouth, I use glycerine, lemon and honey pastilles (from Lloyds Pharmacy), with middling to good results, but whether that would help you. At 99p a try out could do no harm, maybe?

17th February 2012, 20:55
Hi I think this is thrush due to change in ph levels in the mouth. Get it checked by the doc but Gelclair rinse or Nystan antibiotic/antifungal drops on prescription are worth a try. Also fresh pineapple has an enzyme which helps. Even if you can't eat it, try chewing it and spitting out.

Mike Sharpe
19th February 2012, 13:54
My wife had persistent oral thrush. Tongue turned white and cratered. It was difficult to treat. Antibiotics might have caused it. Nystatin helped but Sporanox was eventually prescribed. Even after thrush bacteria has gone the tongue takes time to heal. Pat is using a soft toothbrush to clean tongue and clear dead skin caused by thrush. It takes time though. Ask doctor or nurse to regularly monitor that thrush has not returned. Bad breath is a clear sign of oral thrush.

19th February 2012, 14:00
Jacqui Priestley has sadly passed away since posting this thread. Great advice though!

20th February 2012, 00:44
I am so sorry to hear that Jacqui passed away.

I mentioned to my mum about the thread tonight (not knowing that Jacqui had passed away). My mum's tip for a furry tongue was a tongue scraper which came when she ordered a toothbrush with two sets of bristles or brushes. Thought i would post this thread as i gues that Jacqui would like us to still come up with suggestions for things that she and others may find difficult.

sad times when you read that someone has died

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