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30th January 2014, 10:32
Might be a silly question but can you put Mucodyne through the PEG. Eddy sometimes has trouble swallowing and it makes him choke a bit so just wondered if it was possible.

Have a good day everyone. Diane xxxx

30th January 2014, 10:36
I put it through the PEG three times a day for Dad. We have the liquid version to make it easier :)

30th January 2014, 10:50
Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Hope dad is having a good day. Diane xx

30th January 2014, 12:52
Peter has ith through the PEG three times a day, no bother.


30th January 2014, 12:58
Thanks Magic We will try it now. It is so reassuring to get the answer from people who actually use it this way. Diane

31st January 2014, 12:30
My wife was in hospital recently and the nursing staff used to crush her medication with a pestle and mortar, mix it with some water then put it through her PEG. Mucodyne if not in liquid form comes in capsules so you just need to open the capsule and mix with water.

31st January 2014, 13:01
On the pill crushing front I bought an inexpensive pill crusher from Amazon and it's fab. Use it for dad's citalopram and glycopyrronium :)

31st January 2014, 14:55
Thanks the Mucodyne is in liquid form and have started yesterday giving it through the PEG. Thanks everyone for the help.

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