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3rd May 2011, 23:22
Hi all

Plymouth branch have a support group normally the first tuesday of every month at Endsleigh Garden Centre cafe- just wondering why no one seems to turn up (normally it is just two or three of us with MND plus the association visitor)

would love to see more people there

also- is anyone going to the SW conference on Sunday? Trying to decide if i am going to go

best wishes


4th May 2011, 11:52
Hi Margaret,

The Oxfordshire Branch meetings are not as frequent as every month but I have also noticed and commented that not many people with MND seem to attend. My mum was diagnosed in September 2010 so I have only been to the last three meetings and there has never been more than 6 people with MND. As far as I am aware the branch provides support to more than this so I am not sure why people don't attend as both my mum and I have found them very helpful.

However I did hear one comment, from someone newly diagnosed, that they found it very upsetting to see other people with MND with a far greater level of progression than themselves so wouldn't be attending any further meetings. Maybe this is one of the reasons?


4th May 2011, 16:48
im going to the one in Bristol on Sunday! - plymouths too far for a short meeitng - im ni Bridgwater, somerset

16th May 2011, 01:09
Thanks for replies, will print off for mum. 6 people with MND attending seems quite a good number compared with down this end, best wishes

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