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2nd February 2014, 22:00
Hi all well after yesterday,s trauma in a and e christine enjoyed her birthday opening cards and presents etc, couple of her friends had left couple of presents couple of days ago they know the situation and that i feed christine via a peg presents 1 tin of chocolate biscuits and a box of chocolate liqueurs oh well what is it they say its the thought that counts sometimes i wonder best wishes all gerald xxxx

2nd February 2014, 22:56
Hi Gerald,

I have the same and know their hearts in the right place ,and I just smile ,well what passes for a smile these days !!, I often think it must be difficult to know what to buy someone who you know has difficulties but don't know just how to deal with it without offending ,looks like you are going to enjoy the Chocs and liqueurs so not wasted, send Christine my best wishes for her special day .


3rd February 2014, 08:52
I'm with Pete....take the silver lining that you get to scoff the chocs and biscuits.....it's frustrating I know but it is the thought that counts....even if it didn't involve a lot of thinking ;)

3rd February 2014, 11:27
Good to hear Christine is recovering - you certainly deserve those chocs! Birthday wishes.

3rd February 2014, 14:36
Hi Gerald

Happy Birthday to your Christine, well at least some treats for you to enjoy.

Your post reminded me of a funny story about how thoughtless people can be…Years ago when I only worked per diem in the hospital I also had my own little home companion business. Not like a home aide that required certification and insurance. Home companion is pretty much just that. I had 2 elderly people that I would take shopping, doctors appts, lunch, movies etc… I had one woman in particular named Trudy, a 85 year old very wealthy woman, who just happened to be extremely stingy and very rude to most people. We had a sort of love/hate relationship lol

One day she asked me to take her to the dollar store because she needed to buy a Christmas card for someone. Do you have dollars stores in the UK?? I guess it would be Euro store lol Everything in the store is only $1 Everything from dishes, to food to household products you name it, and the dollar store has it for only $1 !!

So I take Trudy to the card section of the dollar store, and she tells me to pick out a Christmas card for her friend. I pick out a card and hand it to her she says to me ‘do you have a pen, can you make it out for me?’ I dig thru my bag, find a pen, take the card back and say ‘ok who do you want it made out to ?’ she says ‘Make it out to Carolyn and Family from Trudy’ Since Carolyn is my name I’m thinking to myself I guess she has another friend named Carolyn. I write out the card hand it back to her, she takes it, and immediately hands it right back to me, and says to me “Merry Christmas’

I said to her ’Well Trudy thank you, I guess it really is the thought that counts’ Although not sure how much of a thought I really was LOL

3rd February 2014, 17:24
Hi Caroline,

How do you think these people get to be wealthy! You find if you don't spend it money accumulates. Does nothing for the economy though!

We have Poundstretcher stores along the lines of your dollar stores. Euros are for lesser mortals (and the Scots if they'll have them).lol.


3rd February 2014, 20:17
How extraordinary Carolyn! At least she referred to you as a friend!

3rd February 2014, 21:50
Hi all yes carolyn we call them pound stores over here but same principle one last question yes enjoying the liqueurs but does having one count as an alcohol free day cos being a good boy best wishes. Gerald

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