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6th February 2014, 09:05
I have a suction machine for Dad but I'm only allowed to go back as far as his back teeth with the yankers I have (the hard ones).

I know that there are soft ones which can go down the throat a bit which is where Dad really needs it.

Have any of you out there been allowed the softer throat yankers? I've been given the impression that they're for medical professionals only but without them the suction machine is about as much use as a fart in a windstorm!

I have asked the palliative care consultant and she's going to ask around and is coming to see us tonight but I thought I'd ask you good people as if some of you have been allowed them at home then it adds fuel to my argument :)

6th February 2014, 15:41
We have the hard ones as well but, when we use the suction machine with the cough assist we do mange to help Peter get rid of some junk. Do you have a cough assist machine?


6th February 2014, 15:47
Hi CW,
We had the hard ones and no one said you shouldn't go beyond the back teeth or if they did I missed it. I did find that if you went too close to the uvulla that you induced a gagging reflex. I think that is the only reason for the advice so if you are able to proceed with care I think you may be able to get closer to your intended target. Another skill to acquire!


6th February 2014, 18:35
Sorry to be a killjoy but we were advised to just go along the gum line.

6th February 2014, 20:40
John had a suction machine and the Physio showed me how to use it to get to the back of his throat without hurting or distressing him. She said it was all very well clearing his mouth, but the whole point was to get what the cough machine had dislodged the rest of the way out & the only way to do it was like that

7th February 2014, 10:02
Thanks guys. Dad doesn't have a cough assist, they did try him with it but it didn't bring anything up as it's geared for lower airway and all Dad's gunk is upper airway. However the Palliative Care Consultant came round last night and explained how I can go back as far as the uvulla and how to do it. She said back teeth is the normal guideline but if I'm confident to go a bit further and that's what Dad needs to go with it. She also explained that he might gag a little but that is in fact a good thing as it can trigger a cough so I can get more gunk.

Thanks everyone.

7th February 2014, 17:59
Cookiewitch, just a word of advice re suction machine, we kept dad's plugged in all the time and one Friday evening the transformer battery blew up, as you know it's a pretty essential piece of equipment, luckily our excellent district nursing team swung into action and managed to source a Replacement machine at 11.00pm at night some 30miles from our house and delivered it the same evening. They then told us to only switch it on at the mains when it was required. Another good tip they gave us was to fill a jug with warm (not boiling water) and use the suction to clean the suction pipe. Love and hugs to you. Rebecca

7th February 2014, 18:17
Thanks Rebecca, I've been doing the jug of water thing but have been keeping it plugged in and on at the mains all the time......I shall turn it off at the plug now, thanks :)

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