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6th February 2014, 20:17
Hi Gang

Anyone else getting excited to watch the Winter Olympics besides me :) Opening ceremonies tomorrow evening (my favorite part lol) Hoping Russia will put on a great show for us.

Was just reading how Russian government asked US teams and athletes not to wear their country uniforms when walking around as civilians because of terrorists. Crazy world we live in, seems no one is safe and no country, and not even an Olympic event, crazy, crazy!

Plan to make an olympic evening event out of it, as in me, my husband the three dogs, my thawed out kitten, a bottle of wine and if I'm lucky hubby will make antipasto ! LOL :)

CC xoxo

6th February 2014, 20:47
Great idea! I think the Russians will not disappoint us and put on a wonderful ceremony.

6th February 2014, 23:10
Agree CC, I think they will put on a fantastic show. Do you remember the 2008 ceremonies in China for summer Olympics? Holy crap absolutely spectacular, incredibly breathtaking! Hope Russia can come close, along with keeping everyone there safe.

Will be cheering for the US along with our BFF country the UK. Good luck to our teams and athletes :)

7th February 2014, 11:47
Beijing was amazing. I really enjoy seeing how thw countries represent their culture and heritage at these events. Russia still retains a bit of mystery so it's even more exciting.

7th February 2014, 13:51
Hi cc hope you are well.did you ever get to see your friends neurologist who said it was Lyme s disease? Settling in to watch Olympics.off work while shoulder gets better.big tip.never pull a washing machine out to mend a leak!three osteopaths visits and can't do my job properly.it's driving me nuts lol.love as always.caroline xxx

8th February 2014, 01:01
Hi Caz

Me too, getting ready for the opening ceremonies here (so excited, hope it doesn’t disappoint)
I will definitely make sure not to move any washing machines! Thanks for the tip :) Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Dr. Quack was rescheduled, our weather has been horrendous nothing but snow and ice. Will keep you posted on that, as Ricky always said to Lucy he’s ‘got some splaining to do’ LOL

Take care, feel better

8th February 2014, 11:13
Spectacular opening ceremony but I guess the Russians were never going to be outdone. I suspect it was better to watch on TV than in the stadium.

Good luck to all the athletes and everyone supporting them whatever your nationality xxx.


8th February 2014, 13:55
Yes spectacular indeed !! Well done Russia :) Seems like they took some of the elements and technology that Beijing used, and interpreted it for their own. Just in awe of the creative brilliance of it all.

Enjoyed the ‘Parade of Nations’. You guys sent a pretty big crowd, Great Britain is in it to win it !! US looked pretty good themselves :) Did you guys see the 1 and only athlete from Mexico? He is like 55 years old ! Good for him! Will be cheering for him all the way. Happy to see Italy there, not such a big group, but as they say size doesn’t matter! Haha

Now if we can only get the Russian President to crack a smile! Maybe someone needs to tickle him lol :)

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