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9th February 2014, 10:29
Can anyone recommend a make? We have 'travel' with the mat I have under my chair; what does anyone else use?

9th February 2014, 11:00
Hi Tessa;

I was extremely lucky to get a made to measue chair made for me and financed by social services. The chap recommended a special breathable waterproof fabric that feels like rubber and a special foam under it. I think that it is top quality stuff and helps to reduce the risk of sores. I was worried about it being to hot as I get hot very easily but it's not to bad.

I don't know the names of the materials but might be able to ask the suppliers.


9th February 2014, 12:08
Thank you Terry, but I should have said I need it to go under my chair. We have a wooden floor and the chair travels across the floor as opposed to my bottom travelling across the chair.

9th February 2014, 13:40
That's a bit different Tessa;

I can think of four alternatives.
Some form of thin matting like the sort that goes near entrance door might do but might be a problem getting feet over it as time goes on.
They fitted lockable casters on mine which works quite well.
Get someone to put wood or something a bit grippy to lift the rear castors.
Get two pieces of wood to go between rear frame of chair and wall and brace them so they stay in-place.
You can buy rubber sheeting from some places. Google it.

I have had he same problem because I tend to brace my lower legs on the chair and sit down forcing it back.


9th February 2014, 15:11
Hi Tessa,

This is what you need, just slip about 2 inches under front feet of chair, to ensure it stays put,
I use these all the time, i don't bother washing them, just replace with new one, lasts ages,


Best wishes,


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