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13th February 2014, 22:05
Hi everyone. Posted not long ago about Christine's prblems with diarrhoea etc over the years just been told more hydration etc well we have a new gp who we had to call in when she saw what christie and i were going through wiith the problems and lack of sleep she set about investigating and sure enough x rays show poor lass is completly impacted and constipated. Today she has secured a bed in local cottage hospital where they intend to completely clear and put in place a follow up regime to keep that way, as for me a weeks respite. Take care eyerryone best wishes gerald

14th February 2014, 04:52
Gerald, that is such good news. We see the palliative care doctor today but laxatives have had an outcome this morning.


14th February 2014, 08:54
Well I'm glad someone has got to the bottom of the problem at last Gerald. A weeks respite will do you good too and Christine will be back home feeling better as well.

14th February 2014, 11:53
That's great news Gerald. I hope you enjoy your week and things are properly sorted out for Christine.

14th February 2014, 12:24
So glad that this is now sorted and Christine will be made comfortable. Really important is the follow up to make us that she stays well. It is amazing just what a change of someone coming in can do to get things moving (in more ways than one). Love to all. diane

14th February 2014, 21:07
Hi eveyone. Thanks for your kind words visited tonight and shall we say things moving lol. Take care everyone and once again thanks for your support regards gerald xxx

14th February 2014, 22:02
Great news that the problem is getting sorted. Not nice for her having to put up with that xxx

15th February 2014, 11:40
Good news Gerald, give Christine all our love and hope she will soon be completely back to normal. Diane

16th February 2014, 23:44
That is good to hear. MyDad seems to go from one extreme to the other with constipation and diarrhea - not easy. I didn't think MND was supposed to affect that side of things?!?

17th February 2014, 08:48
Irene's problems latterly were constipation and we were told that the weakening diaphragm was the muscle used to push which no longer had the strength to do so.
I thought bladder and bowel were unaffected but seemingly not so.


17th February 2014, 09:03
I would say from all I've read that the 'bladder and bowel not affected' that they keep putting in the literature is complete and utter tosh.....

17th February 2014, 10:39
Hi everyone, I too think it's rubbish about bowel and bladder being uneffected, they are if only from reduced mobility, I too have had quite a few "incidents" that have left me very down about the whole thing. I too seem to swing from one extreme to the other.

I also think it's laughable they say MND is not painful, yes it is!

Derek I hope your wife is out of hospital soon.

17th February 2014, 10:44
Sorry I meant Gerald, brain not in gear yet today, apologies.

17th February 2014, 11:46
Bowel problems seem quite common. I am still fairly active and I get problems with wind entrapment and related problems. I have only had a couple of small accidents so far and can hold on quite well. I have now lost most of my ability to push things out which makes things more awkward as more softeners make things more dodgy. I get constipated every time when staying in hospice primary due to not having a wash type enema loo.

Not a savory subject, Terry

17th February 2014, 21:24
Ah thanks John, that has helped me to make sense of it - I am guessing that Dads diaphragm has weakened a lot because his breathing is a lot worse, and that coincides with the bowel probs. no one has explained that!
Thanks - it really is good being on this forum - a good way to find answers to some of the questions that keep you awake at night!
Best wishes

17th February 2014, 21:46
I'm lucky, i don't have any pain. Can I ask what pain others are experiencing? I don't mean to be nosey but want to learn as much as I can about our fascinating predicament.

18th February 2014, 10:31
hi all just been reading some of your posts , I've started to have severe tummy pains and trapped wind my doctor said it was i.b.s , i also need to pee a lot i could pee for the Olympics and win a gold medal , i also get lots of pain all over my body and in my hands and fingers my experts tell me that m.n.d doesn't cause pain but i beg to differ , how do they know they don't live with this awful disease they only study it . thats why i keep reading the forum it gives me more info , so please keep it up . love butternut

19th February 2014, 11:42
Hi all yes agree christine does get pain like you have all descibed so is does seem mnd effects that part of the body hope butternut dosnt represent GB in peeing Olympics will melt the snow then where will we be lol take care everyone gerald xxx

19th February 2014, 18:23
On a lighter note, talking about Terry's 'wind entrapment' Roy was the expert on that and Rory used to give him no end (pardon the pun) of ribbing about that....if we can remember those threads and laugh and Roy laughing at himself, and Rory being the complete joker he was (RIP).....and I know from my sister MND is painful and the bowel/bladder problems can really really get you down. You are all so brave most of the time though, this forum is full of cup half full people.

19th February 2014, 21:25
I hope you don't mind me asking but what is and how do you get an enema wash type loo, Terry? Or maybe I need to google it??!!!

19th February 2014, 21:57
Social services OTs have said they will provide one for us, could be a long wait.. The MNDA can help acquire one, give mnda connect a call, they should be able to advise.

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