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15th February 2014, 18:19
We are going back to the Center for MND !! We had a small intervention with the heartfelt tears and pleading from her younger daughter leading the way. Incredible relief, feels like a weight has been lifted. Finally my dear friend will put into the right hands with the proper support and care needed to maintain and manage this illness. More importantly a better quality of living for her. Amen.


15th February 2014, 18:40
Hi Cc;

Does she think that she has Mnd? Or even accept it?

It will be better for everyone if she is not living in a dream. A lot easier for everyone to move forward. I just cant believe how long its taken.

Best wishes, Love Terry

15th February 2014, 20:15
Interesting that you asked that question Terry. No does not believe it’s mnd, (maybe she knows something the rest of us don’t) requesting to take another lyme test, which of course everyone was in agreement. Four previous tests all negative, maybe by some miracle the fifth will be positive, for her sake.

If it’s going to take a fifth negative her to understand the reality of this, it’s worth it. The fact she is going to head back to the neurologist and actually put herself in their hands, and be out of Dr. Quack’s, is enormous accomplishment on her part. Maybe time and resources can now be spent on stopping further progression of mnd, can only hope and continue to pray so.


15th February 2014, 20:57
Yay, I hope she soon gets the support she needs.

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