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16th December 2010, 19:40
Just wondered what everyone likes to do as a hobbie or pastime. Obviously we have to make changes as we go along.
My favourite is fishing, well carp fishing to be exact. I know this is going to become more difficult as time goes on. It may seem silly but i will be gutted to have give it up :(

Here is a couple of snaps.



Also love watching movies :) thats one thing im sure i can do for a while.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
21st December 2010, 12:21
Thanks for posting these pics of yourself, Chris :)

Those fish look huge!

21st December 2010, 12:27
My dad and my brother used to love fishing. My dad would come home bragging about the tench, bream etc that he'd caught, yet mysteriously, he never had a camera to hand to take any pictures, lol. I don't mind the part of fishing where you get to sit by the lake/river and relax, but putting the maggot on the hook makes me turn into a big girl's blouse. What's the kind of fish that feels all gooey and snotty on the outside?

What kind of movies do you like Chris? Any particular favourites?

21st December 2010, 14:11
Hi Jenni, i would say most fish are gooey and snotty on outside but the worst has to be eels!
With regards to films i could list hundreds i like :) scifi, horror, action, comedy, i will give most a go. A couple of my favourites are:

Lord of the rings
Star wars
Saw 1

I could be here forever lol i have a bit of an obsession with buying DVD's off bootsales (you cant complain at a dvd for a 1)
Whats your favourites?

22nd December 2010, 18:14
The LOTR trilogy are some of my favourite films, but then again I think one of the first books I remember reading was The Hobbit, so I've always been a bit of a Tolkien fan. I like the original Star Wars, although I was a little disappointed by Attack of the Clones and Phantom Menace.

I have varied tastes in movies really, some of my favourites are Never Been Kissed, Muriel's Wedding, Donnie Darko, Serenity, Battle Royale, Ringu, Kick-Ass, Giant, Rebel Without A Cause, East of Eden (yep, bit of a James Dean addict). I could go on for ages too, I love to get lost in a good movie, although my tastes sometimes frustrate the boyfriend because I have trouble making up my mind, lol.

23rd December 2010, 17:17
My husband and I try to have a hobby where we can enjoy it together. where the focus is not on mnd and we can just forget it while we spend some time together. we do puzzles and things that he will always be able to do, hopefully for a long time.

it might sound pessimistic but we do things that he will not lose the ability to do it. i would hate it if all of his hobbies were things he would lose so we have started to line up new hobbies to fill the gap left by things he used to love doing. he also loves jigsaws, puzzles, reading and we also ride a tandom bike at the moment. we hope to carry on doing that for some time :) but have not done it for a long time in the cold.

31st December 2010, 17:47
Hi all,

My hobbies wud also envolve watching films now, Star Wars I see has been mentioned, awesome films.
Does anyone double up on my other hobbie of playing drums with my band on ipads now my limbs can't play proper drums any longer.


31st December 2010, 18:20
I used to enjoy playing guitar, but it's rather difficult now so don't bother any more. Hopefully I will get at least this summer fishing then it will be a case of finding something new. Can't really think of anything I will enjoy besides my film watching! Maybe some of you guys have a good suggestion.

31st December 2010, 18:57
Awesome ye I can't find a way to play guitar nemore either. i have been lucky with the ipad drum kit setup.
Suggestions wud b welcome ye.
I have been l shud do an online degree, dunno wot I want to study tho. Enjoy ya fishing tho to the max :)

31st December 2010, 22:16
Hi Chris, Why not try and write about your fishing exploits, I am sure many would enjoy reading them. So tight lines if you can still manage them.
All the best for 2011.
CB. Ex trout and game fisher, no other fishing near me.

3rd January 2011, 14:27
Hi All, Further to my comments to Chris on his fishing exploits I would like to say about some of the things I have involved myself in since being diagnosed with MND.

First and most importantly for me is keeping my brain (such as it is) working. I say this after looking at Professor Steven Hawkin, he continued doing what he was trained to due through his university education, and he is the longest lived person I know of with MND. Trying to emulate such a fantastic mind was completely out of the question for me with only a secondary school education but, with the aid of a second hand Amstrad Word Processor I managed to write my life story for any grandchildren that might come along (we now have six). This took two years to complete. I found while writing my life story I needed a second interest to keep my mind fresh, to do this I started painting with watercolours. I still paint but now use free art programs downloaded off the internet.

Next came a research programme into the early Christian history of my home town, This took over two years to complete and the final paper amounted to nine pages of A4 paper. Since then I have written a paper on shipwrecks along the old County of Glamorgan Coast. Gathered information on the Llandow Air Disaster of 1953, which at the time was the worlds worst,something I watched unfold from the front garden of my home. I also write the odd poem, and believe me some are odd.

For the past three years, maybe a bit longer I was involved in an on line project called "Galaxy Zoo", during the course of the program I helped identify over 27000 galaxies. I have just received an e-mail from the team of scientists involved asking if I want to take part in a new project looking for planets around distant stars.

My latest project is a fantasy novel which I started last September, and I have now written over 70,000 words. Like most fantasy novels it is set in a time that never existed and is based on the fight between good and evil. So if at any time you see on the shelves a book with the tittle "The Man With A Staff" please buy it, because if I can get it published a sizable portion of any profit will be donated to the MNDA.

These are just some of the things I do, or have done since diagnosis. I realise that this sort of thing will not appeal to everyone but, I would advise taking up a hobby that take many hours each day to just work at. You see by doing something you do not have the time to dwell on the fact that there is no cure for MND. By keeping your mind fully occupied and working towards a set goal you will be happier in yourself, and perhaps more importantly your main carer will be happier too, simply by knowing you are involved in something you like doing.

Please think about not what I do but, more importantly what you could be doing to make your life happier.

Best wishes,


3rd January 2011, 19:56
So if at any time you see on the shelves a book with the tittle "The Man With A Staff" please buy it, because if I can get it published a sizable portion of any profit will be donated to the MNDA.

Will you be publishing it on amazon for kindle? I read that they are offering 70% return to author under some contracts - also it could be put out via ebay at the same time.

Robyn Copley-Hirst
4th January 2011, 11:50
blurb allow you to print your own books and lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com/)allows you to add an isbn number which allows you to sell it on various websites and also to add it directly to amazon to allow anyone who searches for your book to buy it. People can also buy your book directly from lulu.

I've used lulu.com personally and was impressed with the quality of photographs in my book... I don't know if there's something more cost-effective if you are just printing text in your book, CB.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do with your book, your interests sound really quite exciting!

4th January 2011, 19:06
Hi Robyn, Everything depends on the feed back I get from friends. I do not intend putting any illustrations in the book. However there is a copy of my life story (rather weak on spelling) and much of it grammatically wrong on floppy disc in Northampton. I was advised by a lady author, the late Iris Gower not to change any grammatical errors because it would ruin the style of my writing. (Iris was President of the South West Wales branch of the Association). It is called "August Revisited" and it can be used by the MNDA. If you cannot find that copy I can send another copy with corrected spelling to Northampton on CD in windows format.

Please let me know using this thread.

Best Wishes,


Robyn Copley-Hirst
4th January 2011, 20:43
I'll ask after this, CB, I'm sure it will be stored away safely somewhere :)

12th January 2011, 22:43
As the disease progresses most of us will have to give up hobbies and interests we cherish. In my case, one of the many things I have had to give up is playing my electronic organ. This is where we need to do some lateral thinking. Although I can no longer make music I can still apreciate and enjoy music, so I have decided to listen to all 27 of Mozarts piano concertos. I was able to buy a 10 CD set for 16 from on online classical music store, so it is not a costly idea. It is important to keep the "Little grey cells" occupied, so new interests must be found to replace the things we can no longer do. I plan to read the 20 Wycliffe novels written by W J Burley and try to find my ancestors, using the online resources, many of which are free.

When I was given the diagnosis in the Royal Free Hospital in London I was in a desperate state of dispair. One of the nurses, seeing I had not gone to sleep, brought me some hot chocolate and said to me "Clive, you must own this disease and do not allow the disease to own you". After digesting the wisdom of this I was able to sleep.

Although we have to let go of many things there is still plenty we can and should do. It's not over till its over.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the
courage to continue that counts."* - Winston Churchill

May we all find the courage to keep going.


17th January 2011, 20:56
Some lovely fish there Chris. I fish occasionally and want to do more now I have more time on my hands. Just not sure how to tie the knots with hands that don't work too wel!! Any ideas on a solution?

17th January 2011, 21:25
Unfortunatly ive got the same problem and it is annoying but with me just carp fishing i go with a good friend and get him to tie knots foor me. I get the feeling this maybe my last season fishing so im going to make the most of it :)

17th January 2011, 21:38
I've been doing mainly pole fishing with just a single carp rod out on an alarm, don't think pole is an option due to weight / movement. Will give it a bash when weather warms up, prob just persevere with using teeth n hands to tie granny knots :-). Maybe even get the missus to come along to do this stuff, not sure she'll want to hook the maggots though...

17th January 2011, 21:54
Nothing against my gf but I couldn't trust her tying knots lol. I cant wait for warmer weather and get out on the lakes in the peace and quiet!

17th January 2011, 21:57
lol, the missus doesn't mind coming fishing and will have a bit of a go too. You're right about the knot tying thing tho... I can't wait for the warm weather to come to get back out there, I used to love piking but the cold weather unfortunately renders this impossible due to how it affects my hands :-(

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