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20th February 2014, 11:46
Hello Everyone,

Who do I contact to get a neck brace. I used to have a Team OTs, PTs etc, but due to the cut backs I don't see anyone now. I cannot get to see my GP because all the Doctors consulting rooms are off a narrow corridor and all the rooms have narrow 2'6" doors, not wide enough for a Power-chair, well they are just wide enough with about half an inch on either side if you don't mind wrapping your knuckles on the door frame and then have to reverse back out. So I do not go down there.

I went out yesterday in the WAV, and when my wife brakes my head shoots forwards, and when she lets the clutch out my brains shoot back, I am afraid my head will come off if it is not secured soon.

20th February 2014, 13:54
My Dad got his from the physio. He had to go into a local mobility centre to try a couple and have it fitted properly. I would have thought your GP could sort this (via PT etc) on the phone. I know you can buy some on line (we did purchase a cheap foam one once) but I guess it's preferable to have one fitted properly.
Good luck, hope you get one sorted soon.

20th February 2014, 17:04
Hi Derek;

My misses drives like that too but neck is still OK, unless she sees this post, then I'll be garrotted.
You should be able to see your doctor when you want, they should make it possible one way or another, I am sure it is a legal right.

I think that whilst there are plenty of trick ones, I have heard that the cheaper foam ones might be best for general use. I have a Mnd friend that has her head strapped to her head rest as her neck muscles are shot.

Good luck, is it just women drivers? Terry

21st February 2014, 09:10
Hi Helen, I will get my wife to ring the GP like you say, Thank you Derek

21st February 2014, 09:18
Hi Terry, My wife saw what I wrote and gave me a couple of flicks to my ears for being rude about her driving. That is the promlem with MND, we can't get out the way of 'em can we, Tee hee!!!

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