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22nd February 2014, 16:22
Hi Everyone, Fairly new to this forum but looking for advice. I live in Lanzarote and now have no use of my legs.I am having trouble getting from the bed to the wheelchair, the wheelchair to the car etc. Can anyone advise or suggest anything? I was thinking of getting a transfer board anyone bought a good one or any thoughts ? Also its probably time to purchase a mobile hoist . Can anyone suggest a make or model. I am asking because living in Lanzarote I dont get the advice that perhaps people get in the uk. Many thanks Ted

22nd February 2014, 18:38
Our Ot has given us a transfer board and even though my arms and legs are too weak to transfer without help, hubby says it's much easier than lifting. We have got pretty quick at using it now. She gave us a curved plywood board and helped us to get a wheelchair so the side arms can be removed to make it easier.

Not got a mobile hoist yet, are in the process of getting one, so can't help yet. Do you know that mobile hoists need two people to operate them?

How do you find Lanzarote? Is it hilly where you are? Good or not so good with mobility issues and access? Wish I was there, I remeber the food being really good!

Take care

22nd February 2014, 18:47
Hi Caroline;

My mobile hoist and others Iv'e seem only need one person but they do need a level flat floor. Also, I do not think that they would much use at getting people in a standard car seat.


22nd February 2014, 19:02
I do wonder if the two person thing is more due to safety and liability than a practical necessity unless there are one- user mobile hoists. Non of our healthcare specialists have admitted to the existence of such a beast. Is that due to what nhs provide?

22nd February 2014, 19:23
The OT provided a fairly standard one from NHS. They never said it needed two operators and my 9 stone wife lifts me 14 stone and moves me a bit quite safety, well so far anyway!

The hospice have the same one and often have two helpers but I think that that is due to them not knowing it so well.

Regards Terry

22nd February 2014, 23:13
Hi Terry
Thanks for replying. Can you tell me the make/model number of your hoist.
Cheers Ted

22nd February 2014, 23:19
Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your reply. I will look into a transfer board, give it a go.

I am staying with my daughter with my wife. It is hilly as we are up in the mountains. However, the climate is lovely most days warm and sunny.
I am at the moment trying to find out more about the healthcare here with this condition.

Regards Ted

23rd February 2014, 09:20
We had an Oxford Midi hoist for Dad. We always had two carers to use it but that is very much a UK thing with the H&S regulations. On the US sites I visit many of them use a Hoyer lift which is the same type as the Oxford and most are using it themselves without problem.

23rd February 2014, 11:44
Many thanks for that information. I can have a look up now.
Regards Ted

23rd February 2014, 11:51
Sounds great there, I hope you get everything you need.

23rd February 2014, 13:53
Hi Ted;

Sorry for the delay and a bit of duff info.

I have an ergolet stand aid lift one. I think it needs a bit of something in your legs, so although it might be OK now, perhaps another one might be more use for longer. I have a sister living in Player Honda and my dad is out there at the moment.

Missing the sunshine here still.

Best wishes, Terry

23rd February 2014, 14:30
Terry, do you think the stand aid needs a bit in your arms too?. My OT said it wouldn't be suitable for me as my arms are getting too weak to hold onto the stand aid while rising.

Yes, it's grey here today and chilly. The Canaries seem very appealing! We're with you in spirit! Maybe I'll see if hubby can knock up some sangria or aquire some cereveza to really get the experience.

23rd February 2014, 16:12
Hi Caroline,
I have very little strength in my arms but can manage the standing hoist. Someone puts my hands around the grips and the hoist does the lifting. There is no input from my arms. It is suitable for now and if I get to the stage when I need a full body hoist, my OT will change it.
One piece of advice, try not to be fobbed off with a basic sling. I’ve got a lovely padded one which is comfortable under the arms and across the shoulder blades (no plump muscles for protection)
Could you try out a standing hoist at the hospice?
Ellie x

Ted, sorry I don’t know the details of the hoist I have. I’m in respite for 2 weeks

23rd February 2014, 17:17
I have used mine for some three years now when I get a bad back. You are right Ellie, they need very little strength in hands/arms or legs. Mine is an Ergolet Pallas 2000 standaid, there is one on ebay for 495. I think that it's an old model now. You are also right about under arm padding whilst I have quite a good sling, the one at the hospice has extra padding and is much more comfy.
Some will lift from the floor but not sure if this would easily do that.


23rd February 2014, 18:55
Thanks Ellie and Terry,

I could ask the OT, she was from the hospice and might let me try one.

17th November 2014, 15:45
Hi Ted,
I am regularly in Lanzarote, and have a place in Puerto del Carmen. MND has affected a number of people very close to me and if I can help at all with translations or access to uk equipment that needs to be transported to the Island I may be able to help. A friend of mine from Conil had her diagnosis a few months ago and so I arranged a chair from the UK for her use.


Here's a video I had made about it - hoping to raise awareness and funds. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnM74UwIS-o)


MND Connect helpline