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22nd February 2014, 16:11
just wondered how power is sourced to these? Is it by mains or by some form of battery? Can you use them in conjunction with a raised toilet seat?

Keep well, Pete

22nd February 2014, 17:28
Hi Pete;

They are mains powered. I have put the lead through the wall to a plug so that there it no risk of getting water on it. I believe that others have had a socket in the bathroom or a fixed spur. I would ask building control if you want your connection in the bathroom.
They can be used with a roll over seat but a raising toilet seat might be harder to seal.
Ask Mnda as they might finance a Bio Bidet.

Regards Terry

22nd February 2014, 17:33
Thanks Terry.

26th February 2014, 01:56
It's also depends on if and where the toilet is in a wet room, to how you can supply the mains power.
I think the power socket has to be over 2 metres away from any water source. When I got mine sorted (in the wet room), the socket was put up near the ceiling, with a junction box a bit lower down.
Any good sparky will know the proper regulations to work to.
There is a version or model that doesn't require electric, but the water will not be warmed up, so could be a bit of a shock ;)
I wouldn't be without now, I wish I'd known about bio bidet years ago :D
xx Frank

1st March 2014, 19:39
Does anyone use a reclining shower chair with the bio bidet on their loo?

paul easey
2nd March 2014, 19:47
Does anyone use a reclining shower chair with the bio bidet on their loo?

yes I have a reclining shower chair with my closie max what would you like to now

2nd March 2014, 20:09
Hi Paul;

It has been a long time since you last posted. How are you doing now.

Regards Terry

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