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23rd February 2014, 23:46
My dad is on Riluzole And is just about managing to swallow it crushed up in a fromage frais. This is becoming increasingly challenging and exhausting by the day. My mum seems to think they were told it's only available as a tablet - just wondered if this is really the case?
Am hoping there is a liquid form that he can have through his Rig feeding tube? If not.... I guess that means that no swallowing means no Riluzole? :0( :confused:

24th February 2014, 00:01
Hi Helen. Yes you're right, its only available in tablet form. We were told by professor to crush, add to water and give through rig. This is what we did and had no probs.
Hope this helps. Annette x

24th February 2014, 11:04
Thanks Annette , that is good to hear. Mum and Dad have been given mixed messages about what to put through the Rig. Thank you x

24th February 2014, 11:10
They also advised that once crushed and placed in water. You should consume straight away, within 15 mins x

it was a professor who specialises in mnd that told us x

24th February 2014, 14:08
Some of the makes of riluzole now have quite a coating which can be harder to crush and get through the PEG.


24th February 2014, 21:33
Thank you for the info. Are there different makes of Riluzole? - I just presumed it was one make! - at least that gives a few more chances of successfully getting it down the tube. Thanks

25th February 2014, 09:21
I bought a pill crusher from Amazon which was only around 5/8 and it was brilliant. It crushed anything to a fine powder so I could mix with water to go through Dad's PEG.

Here's a link to it....I hope!:-


25th February 2014, 09:43
Hi All,

Our Information Sheet (9) on Riluzole can be found here and may be of use:


Best wishes,


25th February 2014, 12:51
Hi Andrew
I feel very let down that a professor of neurology at aintree hospital would advise that it was perfectly ok to crush and feed through the peg yet your advice sheet says different! Doesn't give a lot of trust in the medical profession. Anyway my mum had no issues with blocking of the rig so I'm quite satisfied that we personally did the right thing!

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