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23rd February 2014, 23:52
I just wanted to share some nice news- it was my Dads 70th birthday last week. He cannot talk, move or breath very well so options were limited but we had to mark the occasion somehow. We had a small (?! 15 people) family gathering and we wrote a song for him that the grand children performed. Then we had a magician! He did some great close up magic and involved Dad as much as possible. It was lovely. Even though he can no longer smile or laugh, Dad managed a small clap!
I don't know why I am writing this really but I just wanted to share a sunny moment in this MND fog... It was a special memory made :)

24th February 2014, 00:04
Lovely memories being made there. Sounds like he had a lovely birthday. I think young children make it nice too.
Lots of love Annette xx

24th February 2014, 00:09
Yes agree, what a special day you made for your Dad, and most importantly more wonderful, and happy memories. Good for you all for seeing the sun thru the clouds :)


24th February 2014, 11:24
It sounds lovely, very special memories.

25th February 2014, 21:44
Great Helen as they say. little thinggs mean a lot. And the memories go on take care best wishes gerald

25th February 2014, 22:04
What a lovely thing to do, a magician always brings an 'ooh ahh' to a party! You will never forget that party. Keep making memories and sharing them on here
much love

25th February 2014, 22:04
That is really lovely. Inspiring. Many thanks for sharing.


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