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26th February 2014, 10:24
My mother keeps complaining of having hair in her mouth though no matter much i clean her mouth there is rubbish like mucus but never any hairs, i think she is obsessed with it due to being scared of choking on one, Has anyone else come across this problem, it is becoming a twice daily thing.

26th February 2014, 11:04
My mother keeps complaining of having hair in her mouth though no matter much i clean her mouth there is rubbish like mucus but never any hairs, i think she is obsessed with it due to being scared of choking on one, Has anyone else come across this problem, it is becoming a twice daily thing.

Hello Steve ,

You have the right way thinking it is obsessive thoughts, MND is such a complicated disease many small things get overlooked ,as for choking on a hair ,unpleasant yes annoying yes but I have not heard of anyone being harmed as yet, the mouth is a sensitive place and all sorts of odd sensations go on within it, oral hygiene is a must and no matter what you do odd and unexplained feelings are a real problem for some, maybe a chat with a MND nurse would help, I am guessing you use the Stoke Hospitals .


26th February 2014, 14:28
That’s interesting about obsessive thoughts. My dear friend keeps telling me she has bugs crawling under skin? She insists there are bugs there, and the feeling that they pop under her skin! I thought maybe she meant a twitching feeling? But she keeps saying bugs under her skin, she can feel them crawling.

When I asked Dr. Quack about the ‘bugs’ he said it’s the ‘Lyme’ ???? If her fingers and toes fell off he would say it’s the Lyme. He’s as useless as a trap door on a lifeboat!

Has anyone heard of this or experienced this sensation?


26th February 2014, 16:11
hi cc that's what rob said it felt like and it did look like it to me as well.think the mummy film when he has a scarab beetle under his skin!!!the technical term I think is something like fasiculations.hopefully your friend no longer sees dr quack. steve rob was always convinced there was a hair on his face but there wasn't.it probably as the nerve endings are affected it gives odd feelings .sorry couldn't be more help.love.caroline x

26th February 2014, 16:31
Dad had lots of fasiculations, you could see his arms and legs constantly rippling under his skin.

26th February 2014, 17:19
I do from time to time get a hair in my mouth and because of everything it is hard too remove. As Pete says, hard to really do any lasting harm with a hair.
As for bugs under the skin, no. But I do get incredibly itchy points, I thought I had shingles across my back and sides a year ago and still get the same sensation now sometimes. Other places itch as well. These ARE NOT Fasiculations but are probably nerve endings.


26th February 2014, 18:22
Yes Pete she is registered at north staffs thanks for your help.

26th February 2014, 19:11
Hi CC,

Your friend's immune system is badly down, enabling crap like Demodex Mites to thrive,
you're Googling now, aren't you, they are actual, not imaginary.
A normal body can withstand things like that, but with little or no immune, disaster,
Does she feel them all over, from head to toe? Doctors usually dismiss it as imagination,
No over-the-counter remedy will eradicate them, they live just under the skin, so topicals have no effect.
Yes i'm a mind of useless information,

Take care

26th February 2014, 21:54
Hi Steve. Can you ask your OT for a suction machine?
I've had one for about 6 weeks and its great for clearing mucus and any other stray bits and pieces.
It's the same as your dentist uses during treatment.
It may help with both real and imaginary detritus.
xx Frank

27th February 2014, 00:51
Hi Ray

I'm confused on these demodex mites, I googled and it said they live on hair follicles on the skin. I'm not so sure that's what my friend is experiencing, because she said under her skin, and can feel them crawling then a popping sensation? I didn't read anything about these creepy crawlers and popping? It did say they live on animals as well, going out and getting more flea and tick guard for my dogs!


27th February 2014, 01:59
Hi CC,

Don't understand the popping sensation, try to find out where and when she feels them first, then go from there,
The Mites, or rather any Mites, can live anywhere on a person with a shot immune system, no normal defence against them.
They live just under the skin, you'll be ok, your immune is ok, they couldn't live on you, stop blooming scratching woman

Dr Ray ha

27th February 2014, 02:37
re the oral hygiene, can't stress how important this is. you can get tongue cleaners/ scrapers. I know mum found this useful. We also liaised with a friends who are dentists and also hygienists and got specialist advice re the sort of brush o purchase. could be worth exploring if there is a local dentist who specialises in working with people with disabilities, including MND, that way they may have some advice. I know after some time we switched to just holding the head piece for the electric toothbrush as that way it wasn't too sensitive for mum and we had more control over when and where it was in mums mouth.

use of cotton buds can also be helpful in the mouth, perhaps try dipping it in pineapple juice and going over the tongue with that.

as mentioned, suction machine can be good. if oral hygiene deteriorates (and assistance is not sought) then you can get something called hary tongue, also need to check for any thrush in the mouth. my mum didn't like having someone help clean her teeth, but when she did it was heaven sent.

best wishes

27th February 2014, 03:49
HAHA Yes Ray, I started scratching upon googling the little buggers!! I lived thru the horrors of scabies, so bugs under the skin freaks me out!! I guess scabies would be the big bad cousins of demodex mites. There was a scabies outbreak at the hospital years ago, so bad the CDC was called. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Have you ever seen one of those little creatures magnified up close and personal? right out of a horror movie. They breed and lay thousands of eggs in your skin! Hard to kill cause after a person puts the cream on and kills the live bugs, the eggs then hatch! A vicious cycle right on oneís skin. I was going to work in turtle necks and long sleeves under my uniform. The hospital gave out the this toxic cream that everyone had to cover every inch of their body in, repeatedly even if you didnít have it, just to make sure. Thank god I managed to avoid that plague, but I began itching as soon as I entered the hospital. Talk about the power of the mind.

My friend is going back to a Ďrealí doctor in March so hopefully he will address this with her. I think it might be as Caroline said what her husband had experienced. I wonder if there is a medication to help relieve that symptom?


27th February 2014, 06:38
Hi CC,

I think what your friend Pat will be describing will be the fasciculations previously mentioned. These are like a ripple just under the skin. There is much debate as to whether they are good or bad but they are a feature of motor neurone disease. If you google that it may give you a better description. Irene had them at various places and you could see the rippling and feel it.


27th February 2014, 13:17
Yes I think that sounds about right John. Not sure what she means about the popping, but hopefully she will get some real answers soon enough.

Hope all is well with you and yours :)
CC xxxooo

27th February 2014, 19:57
Hi Cc;

You could describe fasciculations as a popping action, in as much as you get very little warning and then it's happened. Perhaps like a bubble on the surface bursting.

Regards Terry

27th February 2014, 23:59
I researched fasciculations, texts my friend what you all said, and what I learned from researching it, and she said 'Yep that sounds exactly right'

Thanks again guys :)

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