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4th March 2014, 14:02
A funny, but not so funny quick story :)

Every morning my husband reads his newspaper and has his morning coffee at our local Dunkin Donuts shop (for those not familiar with Dunkin Donuts it’s a large franchise in US that sells delicious coffee, donuts and morning sandwiches etc) People come in thru out the day to grab coffee to go, or they can stay, sit, and chat at the tables.

My husband has his little group of older retirees, that range from their sixties to eighties, come in about 7am each morning sit, and chat about current events and life in general. There is a very sweet older couple in there eighties, Lou and Frannie that come each morning as well. My husband and his gang take up the same tables each morning in the corner, in front of the big floor to ceiling glass windows.

The other day Lou and Frannie were leaving Dunkin Donuts, they had their car parked right outside in front of the glass windows. Instead of putting the car in reverse Lou put it in drive, and plowed right thru the glass windows into the store!! Right at the tables were my husband and his gang were sitting!!!

Thank goodness everyone had presence of mind to RUN as quickly as they could, and no one got hurt! Although Lou and Frannie were a bruised, but nothing serious. An ambulance was called because they were so shaken up!

So I text my dear friend this whole story, and she texts me back saying "and they tell me I can’t drive anymore!" LOL :) :)


4th March 2014, 14:18
CC tx this is good one....
i have some similar felling here when i sow some schmuck going 70mph on morning when we have 2'C and he hardly "ASK" his car to do some cornering and car computer say "NO" cos he has important meeting whit ditches near by and hi is so late.......
and they think we cant drive a car cos we have MND..... but still our brain works properly

4th March 2014, 14:24
I'm glad everyone was OK. Not a healthy situation though!

4th March 2014, 14:52
yes but older generation is wery better then we are so they know what they doing.
and they know life from experience not from game.

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