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10th March 2014, 22:18
Hi all. Dont know if any of you have knowledge of this but as you know christind had prblems few weeks ago with the diarrhoea we got through the week then she had a week in hospital whilst they tried to sort things. Well last week we had anothef week of constipation but the district nurses came regularly but just wanted to keep pushing the laxatives one nurse did an exam then next day after no movement another nurse came she wasnt happy and called the gp who talks about a possible pro lapse and referring to a specialist so more to go through. Is it possible long term catheters can cause this sort of problem of course you quess after all the proding around had another of those nights up at unearthly hours showering etc which is wearing. Welcome your thoughts. Gerald

10th March 2014, 22:28
Hi Gerald,

My wife had problems with constipation that her medical advisers were never able to resolve. The long term support assigned to us said the problem was the weakening diaphragm which not only was part of breathing but also part of the pushing mechanism for bowel function. We were only able to resolve things with what was referred to as digital easing. I will leave you to put your own translation on that but it did enable her to have a daily bowel movement which made her more comfortable.


10th March 2014, 23:30
Hi Gerald. Sorry to hear of the problems that your wifes having. My mum was always having probs in this department. One week it was none stop, the next she was in agony because she couldn't go! As if things aren't already difficult enough for mnd sufferers!. John's post regarding the diaphragm seems to make sense, I'm not sure about damage from long term catheters to be honest.
I hope things get sorted for you both soon.
Annette x

11th March 2014, 13:03
Poor Christine, and you. It's so difficult trying to unravel these mysteries.

I have been wondering something similar. Always been efficient in the bowel department, used to eat veg and drink water.

Now, combo of different diet, inactivity, less water and only got 3 opportunities to go when carers are hear, as well as weaker body and diaphragm means that the little fellas are reluctant to leave their warm residence.

I find remembering funny stories with hubby helps because even nearly giggling seems to help things along. Although I would strongly recommend this natural and enjoyable technique, success is still slow and this is an inconvenient, not always successful method.

I have wondered if laxatives are the answer. Not used them before so I don't really know what to expect.

11th March 2014, 13:45
Ccvsd, You could try Lactulose. I have found it a gentle way to move things along! As you say, I had no problems before when active.

11th March 2014, 14:14
Many thanks tree lover, will put it on shopping list

11th March 2014, 14:32
hi Gerald, so sorry Christine is suffering again. Ed does have problems as well like most people and taking regular Movicol seems to help. Trying to get the best dosage is a bit hit and miss but it seems to work in the end.

Take care. Diane

11th March 2014, 16:55
Hi Gerald,
Sorry to hear about the ongoing woes. For both of your sakes, it has to be sorted.
If Christine is badly constipated, her bowels will simply overflow in the form of liquid. It happens very suddenly and there is nothing she can do to stop it coming. If she is, she needs laxatives to get rid of the blockages and then a maintenance dose of a laxative to keep her regular. Your GP/Nurse can advise. Also, it is better to tackle it from the top down as suppositories won’t act on the stuff higher up.
Does it mainly happen during the night? Is C tube fed or when does she eat before going to bed? She probably needs more fluids because of the diarrhoea, it’s a vicious circle. Has anybody mentioned IBS?
I feel your desperation Gerald.
Ellie x

11th March 2014, 20:56
Movicol did it of me.
I suffered from constipation before MND because of IBS. When MND hit me I really suffered as I used to get exhausted trying to go the loo. Many times I worked it out with a digit or two.
Eventually the palliative nurse came out and admitted me to the hospice straight away. I had been using Senna but over the course of a week they tried a few different doses of Movicol and now every thing is OK so far.
As if MND isn’t bad enough they have to throw a few other things at you now and again just to really P**S you of.
I hope they can sort Christine out soon.


11th March 2014, 21:43
Hi Everyone. Your posts are really helpful for the record constipation was diagnosed so had christine in local hospital for week of laxitives, things fine for couple of days then nothing for a week even a suppository and enima failed to work my concern was she is losing confidence to go out because its been hectic last cople of days which is tiring for both of us. However good news i hope got letter to day gp had made urgent referral and we see specialist in the morning so fingers crossed we might get some answers and action. Once again thanks for your support best wishes gerald

12th March 2014, 09:57
Good luck, let's hope there's a straightforward solution.

12th March 2014, 11:41
Fingers crossed you get this all sorted Gerald x

12th March 2014, 22:01
Hi Everyone. Well got to our appointment on the positive side there is no underlying problem requiring surgery but the bowel just is not working so there was a pause whilst the consultant deliberated over the problem, the next phase seems to be trying a tablet called. prucalopride apparently it for chronic constipation in women. So theres a thing ladies a female only tablet i am only glad i trained as an engineer and not a plumber lol. Anyhow he has stopped the laxitives as they were not helping watch this space as they say. Fingers now crossed i really need a night of sleep uninterrupted its. been a week now and its taking its toll. Best wishes to everyone. gerald

13th March 2014, 01:39
Hi Gerald,

You sound like a really nice person doing a difficult job and smiling. It is time to explain to those involved with Christine's care that you are in real need of assistance through the night. If you become ill through lack of sleep what happens then. I have been in your situation and much as you want to cope burning candles at both ends does not work as we get older. Time to spell out the reality of what you are doing to those who ought to be giving you the support you need.

Good luck and if I can help in anyway just ask. I am not that far away.


13th March 2014, 08:49
John is quite right Gerald....lets hope that the appeal of the CHC decision comes through x

13th March 2014, 21:20
Hi all again thanks for your support. You were all correct and yesterday im afraid had a bout of illness then dropped to sleep on settee early afternoon just couldn't keep eyes open any longer, lucky my daughter Jo detected something wrong she took the bull by the horns result getting a carer to do a sleep over, too many disturbed nights im afaid. No doubt Christine will go right through tonight as long as i dont get up at 2.30 again will suit me. Once again thanks everyone take care of yourselves best wishes Gerald

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