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15th March 2014, 09:38
Hi everyone,

My dad is starting to find using a standard computer mouse quite difficult to use as his hand function deteriorates. Just wondering if anyone's found a different style of mouse easier to use...

Thanks in advance :)

15th March 2014, 13:39
I switched to a tablet computer which is a bit easier. Can be expensive and I miss my lap top but I can get apps for communication on it.

15th March 2014, 15:07
There many different pieces of both hardware and software available,OTs and hospital enablement centres
with specialist knowledge
will,help.you can also look on you tube where there are dozens of examples .

Best wishes


15th March 2014, 18:54
Look on specialist web sites. I found Inclusive Technology good for children with a disabilty. There are lads of firms out there to help.

Good luck.


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