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17th March 2014, 03:35
My dad died last night - well about 7 hours ago. It's a month after he turned 70. Despite the MND it was a shock. He was his usual MND self today, but collapsed when he got up to go to the toilet. I guess it might have been his heart..... Who knows..... I am feeling so incredibly sad and I expect I am in shock, but I was also so incredibly proud of him for coping so well with this evil illness. I know I haven't been on the forum for long but thank you all for the help and support along the journey, I know it doesn't stop here.... X

17th March 2014, 05:56
I'm so sorry for your loss Helen

Wendy x

17th March 2014, 08:51
I'm so sorry to hear your news, I'll be thinklng of you

17th March 2014, 08:56
I'm so sorry for your loss Helen. I lost my Dad 4 weeks ago and it's heartbreaking. Will be thinking of you and yours x

17th March 2014, 09:50
Helen so very sad to hear of your dad's sudden passing.my love to you and your family.love as always.caroline xxx

17th March 2014, 10:08
So sorry to hear about your dad Helen. Sending lots of love
Annette xxx

17th March 2014, 16:40
THAnk you so much everyone. Coroner has cited respiratory failure secondary to MND. We want to collect specifically towards research into MND at dad's funeral. Does anyone know if that's possible?
Thanks again xxxxx

17th March 2014, 17:52
Helen, so sorry to hear your very sad news. Will be thinking of you. Love Diane

17th March 2014, 18:41
Helen, that's terrible news, you were rightly proud because anybody with MND manages to keep going as best they can and we just watch with love and tears, and try and help them as best we can. You were a wonderful daughter I'm sure and he is out of pain now, he'll be watching you being proud of you, but it's so very hard, such a loss, 70 is no age at all these days.
with love

17th March 2014, 20:10
So sorry to hear your news. It sounds as if your Dad had a lot of ability up to his passing so was spared some of the later stages.
Regarding collecting for mnd research I do not think that presents any problem. If you collect at the funeral saying how the money is to be used and then send whatever you collect to the mnda and stipulate it is to be used for research. I am fairly certain they will respect your wishes and be grateful for anything you can give.


17th March 2014, 23:42
Helen, so very sorry for the loss of your dad, sending you lots of love
Mandy xx

18th March 2014, 23:57
Thank you. Why is it that even though you know the day will come, it still knocks you off your feet? We just thought he would get more ill and have some warning. Just feel cheated, we were going to do so much more for him....

19th March 2014, 00:16
Thinking of you Helen, so sorry.

19th March 2014, 01:06
Sorry to hear about your Dad Helen - don't feel cheated this disease does anything but play fair - my Dad has deteriorated rapidly and his new chair has arrived a month too late to be of any use now - he only talks to me about the end as my step mother and family don't wish to be in the room when he wants to talk about his end of life - he is down to a whisper as his voice fades and it makes the whole thing much harder. I know you wanted to do more with him but the love you gave him is all he really needed. My thoughts are with you P.

19th March 2014, 06:22
Dear Hellen,
Soo sorry to hear about your loss. my deepest sympathies to you and your family.


19th March 2014, 07:42
Dear Helen
Having just entered into this world of mnd, may I express my sympathies to you and your fsmily

19th March 2014, 08:53
Helen, I lost my husband Peter four weeks ago. He died of a heart attack with MND being a secondary cause. Like your Dad, he gave MND a good run for its money. He was courageous and pleasant to the end. We collected for MNDA instead of flowers and raised 500. I placed a notice in the newspaper and had a well labelled box at the ceremony. Wishing you courage and support to get through the days ahead.

19th March 2014, 11:54
You did so much for your dad, you did him proud, making a difficult time enjoyable. And whilst it is heartbreaking for you, at least you know he is at peace now

21st March 2014, 00:53
Thank you so much - everyone is so kind and so right too - we did do all we could... We just wanted to do more and keep him for longer - that's selfish though. I went to see him today , but it still feels unreal. We will be collecting for research into MND in particular. Dad was about to sign a form for donating tissue, but died before he could , so this wasn't possible - hence it seems right to somehow do his bit for research. This illness has to be stopped! It's just torturous and unfair to all the brave people involved.
Lots of love and best wishes to all

21st March 2014, 07:28
Dear Helen,
I lost my dad 10 weeks ago with Mnd. Very quickly but very brutally . Our thoughts are with you in the next coming weeks and months. He was courageous and uncomplaining and the void left is enormous. I don't know that it gets better , I think you learn to live with a different type of 'normal' as you remember better times. Cherish those memories .
Love and best wishes to all
Hen x

21st March 2014, 09:18
Helen, so sorry for your loss, I lost my Partner Mic on 8th March in similar circumstances, he was only 56. When his daughter Michelle and I put the notice in the local paper we asked for donations via the family in lieu of flowers for the South Lancs Branch of MNDA so I don't think you will have any problems specifying how the money is allocated. Take care. Cath

27th March 2014, 15:30
Ah I'm sorry to hear that Cath, it is such a hard time isn't it. Thanks for the info, hopefully it will be straightforward with donations. Many thanks and take care in these difficult times. X

5th April 2014, 23:22
Dad gave up the fight last night ~ the MND nurse was surprised how long he continued after all support withdrawn at his request. Step-mum my sister and I maintained a vigil and he slipped away quietly. - I will keep looking in and throw in my two pennyworth whenever I can add anything constructive (or humorous) stay strong P.

5th April 2014, 23:43
Hi Panda,
So sorry to hear about your loss. Even though it sounds expected it is still unbelievable for some time. Keep your family and friends around you and stay strong.


6th April 2014, 03:48
so sorry to hear about Dad. It is such a sad time for you all. I hope your collection goes well at the ceremony. I am sure your Dad would be pleased that you were considering that. Sincere condolences to you and all the family. x

15th April 2014, 17:31
So sorry Panda, it's just heart breaking isn't it.
We arranged the collection as requested and it can be directed towards research which is great news! Just waiting a bit before the final count up.
It all feels like such a strange time now. Funeral over, interment was last week and now...... :0(

15th April 2014, 21:46
So sorry for your loss Panda, as Helen says it is just heart breaking, you never know until someone you love dies that there really is such a thing as a broken heart. I hope you being there while he slipped away was a comfort to you, but it's still so hard to bear.
As you say Helen, there is a sad nothingness for you now, but keep talking to your Dad and keep remembering everything, we need to do this for our hearts to feel better, but to be changed for ever too.
with love to you all, and a prayer

16th April 2014, 11:05
Panda, I'm so sorry.

How wonderful for your dad that he was with his most beloved people right til the end.


16th April 2014, 13:59
Panda my deepest sympathies, stay strong please
Dave xx

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