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27th March 2014, 21:14
That title got your attention right :) can anyone offer any advice, my dad recently got an electric wheelchair, apparently it's the 'mnd' one but he finds it soooo uncomfortable and gives him a terrible tail bone pain and also lower back. He is convinced it has caused more pain! Any cushions you recommend ? We bought a mobility car this week but he can't travel in it as the wheelchair is that uncomfortable. Really trying to give dad some sort of life but we are finding problems with everything.. Moan moan moan. X have a good evening! :)

27th March 2014, 22:24
Hi Molly;

Get in touch with Mnda connect and speak to them. I think that you will find that the wheelchair service provided it with some help from the Mnda and will modify it. Hopefully they will come out quickly "as it is not fit for purpose" and sort out better cushions.
Try to work out what the problem is, just base or back part as well. If it's a tilt one than often tilted is better.
You can buy better cushions but you will probably need advice.

Just when you've jumped all of the hurdles, you find a brick wall in front of you.

Good luck, Terry

28th March 2014, 08:30
Thanks for the advice Terry - will give the mnda a call this morning.
We were so excited for the chair to arrive .. And the car! We just need to be able to enjoy them now! Thanks again x

28th March 2014, 13:15
Your poor dad, Molly.
I have a gel-topped cushion. There is more gel to the back to protect the tail bone. I find it very comfortable and although I’m quite thin, I don’t feel any pressure. My OT provided it.
Hopefully he’ll be out and about in the new car in no time.
Ellie x

6th April 2014, 16:05
My chiropractor has a variety of back pillows. I wonder if you would find some choices in a chiropractors office . Hope you find a solution. Also, rolled up towels can hit the spot! I have a terrible back and do find that these ease the pain. Do you have a donut? A round pillow, sometimes gel filled, into which his butt will sit? All possibilities. Wish you both the best.

8th April 2014, 20:31
Thanks guys x I think it was the ill fitting power chair that started the pain tbh. We have cut a hole in the the foam pillow and that seems to work best so far, the gel cushions still cause pain on the tail bone area, it could be slightly bruised.
Hopefully this will help heal it - wheel chair people are coming again tomorrow, although I know they can't get us another power chair for at least 6 weeks. Helpful x :/

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