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28th March 2014, 16:27
The hospice nurse has just suggested I try a catheter for convenience as I can't get to the loo without a hoist. She said the district nurse can come out and fit one.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I know Gerald's Christine has had one for a while. Any words of wisdom?


28th March 2014, 20:20
Hi Caroline
My mum had a supra public catheter fitted a month or so ago. Before that she had the other type - not sure what it's called but the district nurse can fit it. Life so much easier with it. I can take her out in the wheelchair without having to worry about finding and heaving her onto a public toilet somewhere. Lots more freedom. Downside is she has had a couple of infections but we managed to get on top of them quickly. Also breathing worse and that's hard to say whether it's because she's not moving so much ( she was having to get up and go to the loo 7 or 8 times a day ) before whereas now she only has to get up when she needs a number 2 or to get into the wheelchair or could be deterioration. Pros definitely out way cons for us. I know that the catheter the nurses fit can be temporary so you could try it and if you didn't get on with it it's quite a simple procedure to remove. Good luck with whatever you decide.

29th March 2014, 14:40
Hi Caroline,
I’m wondering what YOU want to do? (I’m not being rude! )
If it makes life easier for you, that’s great. If it has been suggested for the benefit of the carers, that’s not so great.
Unlike Sarah, I’ve no experience of catheters, so can’t give you advice on the procedure.
Take care,
Ellie x

29th March 2014, 19:09
I'm unsure. I've been feeling crap regularly so I don't feel like going out much. Or getting used to another new thing. Having said that I would like to try going out with the girls.

Many thanks for the helpful replies

1st April 2014, 21:40
I am going to talk to my DN about a catheter for me.
There are 2 reasons - firstly it is the one thing that makes going to work a worry for me. Now I have my powerchair it should be a breeze - but it makes it so difficult going to the loo at work and today I was so worried I held on until I got home - that was 9 hours between wees! And I now feel like crap, I'm sure as a result of holding on all day!
Secondly, we are about to have a week away in the UK and the thought of trying to cope with all the different loos at 'comfort breaks' and when out for the day is really worrying me.
So spurred on by your post I am going to call the District Nurse in the morning! Sod it, I'll call now and leave a message!

1st April 2014, 21:55
Look up the pros and cons first. A urethral catheter can be very uncomfortable for women in wheelchairs and prone to infection, I am having a supra pubic catheter fitted in a couple of weeks, with a tap not a bag. I asked for this to give me freedom both at home alone and out and about. I had to see the urologist and it needs minor surgery with a general or epidural but to me looks like a better option. Bigger bore, less prone to infection, easier to keep the site clean, less intimate. Have you looked at healthtalkonline.org? It gives real peoples experiences of all sorts of things including catheters of both sorts. Good luck.

2nd April 2014, 19:14
Appointment made for catheter to be fitted tomorrow - with a view to a supra pubic one asap if all goes well.

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