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2nd April 2014, 19:45
My dad has been diagnosed with MND since last November . He can no longer use his arms and legs. His left arm just about to control the switch on his wheelchair. My mum is trying to find some sort of equipment that can help him turn pages when reading. We have looked at the PageBot which is attached to a kindle. I am just wondering if anyone has experience of this or is using anything to help them read. My dad is not tech savvie so we are wondering if a kindle with a switch is the best thing.

2nd April 2014, 20:34
Hi Ali;

Sorry to hear about your dads situation. I listen to talking books that can be in a CD, tape or down load format from the county library. They do make me tied though. I have seen mechanical page turners somewhere but don't know where you would get one.

Welcome to the forum and I hope someone can help you more, Terry

2nd April 2014, 21:12
Hi Again;

If you put automatic page turner in Google it does show a couple of films of them. Please read reviews in Amazon about one of them.

Regards Terry

2nd April 2014, 21:34
Hi Terry
Thanks for the reply. I 'll ask my dad if he wants to try the talking books. We have even tried putting pegs on each page of the newspaper / book but he hasn't the strength to lift them.
Thanks Ali

3rd April 2014, 04:31
Have you considered offering your Dad books with quite thick pages. Peter could read up until the end. He used a lap tray cushion that provided a black background, it was illuminated with task lighting. He certainly was more eager to return to the bookstore that had thicker pages. Whenever Peter was concentrating on one task I would minimise any other sensory information. Usually this involved removing extraneous sounds like the radio. I hope you solve the problem .

3rd April 2014, 13:41
Thanks Magic. My dad's arms are now extremely weak so he wouldn't be able to turn the page even if the pages were thick. He loves reading and at the moment can't do this independently. We'll keep looking.

3rd April 2014, 21:50
Have you thought about audio books. Depression deprived me of the ability to let go and get lost in reading a book. I listen to lots of novels through CDs and by buying them through audible. Just great. I have a massive collection of audio books from my deceased husband and my library. The libraries usually have audio books. If you want to go down this route I would suggest the following may help.
Spend time building up tolerance to the headphones.
Start with story stories or short non fiction recordings.
Consider investing in an I pod
Consider investing in wireless headphones
Consider use of podcasts from the radio.
Sorry if this is over the top but literacy is such a bardic entitlement that I am quite passionate about it.


4th April 2014, 18:59
Yes I agree! my dad just wants to read! I m seeing him tomorrow so will ask him what he thinks about audio books and give it a try. He has wireless headphones so that wouldn't be a problem.
Thanks again

18th April 2014, 12:18
im touched. i wish your and your dead the best
and i wish all of us a daughter like YOU- ali37

28th May 2014, 14:33
Just thought I'd share what we have found on the laptop enabling my dad to read! We didn't know about this function , other people may but it was new to us! In the control panel we clicked on ease of access then clicked on start voice recognition,went through the steps needed and now when someone has opened up the kindle app my dad just needs to say page down or page up and the page moves accordingly and he can read without anyone needing to scroll down for him. While my dad still has his voice this will work. We were quite excited that it worked- the simplest things!

28th May 2014, 14:49
Good to hear you've found something that works.

I know of a man that runs his computer totally by voice recondition as he can't use any limbs but still has his voice.


28th May 2014, 14:53
Yes next step is to show my dad how to work out iTunes and select songs!

28th May 2014, 20:07
It may be late in the day but there is a fantastic, but unpublicised, NHS service called " the electronic assisted technology services" that provides an assessment, hard ware and software to enable people living with MND and other conditions with what they need to continue with everyday life. For example a mouse/switch/joystich activated keyboard for a computer or ipad that accesses email, internet but also controls TV, telephone, lights etc etc. As ever there is a delay but only of a few weeks. I am told that plw MND are automatic approved but it may be means tested. Shy bairns get no sweeties. I am new to this forum but message me if you want contact details.

MND Connect helpline