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12th April 2014, 12:59
Dad had a 'Brookes Curve 180' fitted on Christmas Eve and only used it for 3 months. It cost almost 4000 I think and I know there are probably people out there who can't afford that. I thought it was very clever as the track folded up and down at the end of the stair case (14steps), the seat turned etc.
I'm not sure if it would be of interest to anyone to buy it from my mum as she doesn't need to use it. I have photos of it that I can email if that helps. It just seems such a waste seeing it sat there doing nothing, as it was just what Dad needed in order for him to maintain some aspects of normality and continue sleeping upstairs.

It seems very strange - you don't realise how much equipment and aids etc you accumulate along the journey of MND, until it all starts being taken away..... :0/

15th April 2014, 18:39
We are going to have the stair lift removed and store it away, in the hope that someone will benefit from buying it for a few hundred quid, instead of spending a few thousand, one day! It seems such a waste as the company does not want to buy it back. Shame there isn't a company that buys/sells/fits second hand lifts!!?
If anyone is interested please message as we've taken Photos of it in situ.

15th April 2014, 19:26
Thanks for the offer Helen;

The companies don't generally buy back and charge a lot of money to fit a second hand one. i know what you mean about so much equipment.

Regards Terry

16th April 2014, 20:43
We Paid 3000 for Peter's second hand model. The company removed it and gave us 300. It was the only offer we got. Nothing is fair about this disease.

17th April 2014, 01:13
I agree Magic - not fair at all. Our company will charge nearly 200 to remove it and won't pay us anything if they take it away!! Crazy!

wayne Heath
11th November 2014, 15:28
There are companies out there that will buy back stairlifts, the only problem is that if it is not one that can be re-installed its only good for spares. best thing to do is get the make and model of the lift and ring companies up and ask, someone will usually at least take it away for free or give you a few hundred pound for it...

11th November 2014, 17:12
I am sure I remember someone telling us they can be rented.

Had a OT assessment today. As expected there is not much they can do for us at present apart from fitting another rail up the stairs.

11th November 2014, 17:52
I am sure I remember someone telling us they can be rented.

Had a OT assessment today. As expected there is not much they can do for us at present apart from fitting another rail up the stairs.

Not true.our ot only had to fill a form in and send it to mnda (after a lot of pushing by us !) And one was fitted.mnda paid for fitting and rental for 3 months then we were to pay 30 a month but sadly rob deteriorated so fast he only got to use it for 2 months.ring it o.t tomorrow and get the ball rolling!!Love as always.caroline xxx

11th November 2014, 18:16
Its strange how some OT's can be so helpful and so on the ball and ahead of the game and yet others are less than useless. One would think they were paying for what is needed out of their own pockets I have come to believe that there are a lot of OTs out there that haven't got a clue about MND!! Spring xx

11th November 2014, 19:11
I'm pleased to say that WHEN i had an OT she was spot on she knew exactly who to recommend and support an application to the MNDA, who funded the loan of our stairlift. In august it was time to contact the provider who has since stopped fitting and removing stairlifts and told me we could keep it but we'd need to arrange for servicing with someone else. We were lucky!
When we looked at the options it was either rent or buy and like others have found or finding they aren't worth a light when it comes to selling when no longer required but cost the earth to buy I'm sure that these companies feed on others misery and anything with the word 'disabled' adds zero's to the final price!! I agree with Spring that some OT's have been fantastic others a complete waste of space that's if you can get one...been waiting 9 months since a referral for a set of elbow crutches...we gave up and bought them life's too short!

Nettie B
11th November 2014, 20:28
I think the reason that the OT offered a hand rail is that we don't actually need anything more than that at the moment. It's for safety rather than a mobility problem as Trevor has sometimes been a bit unstable going up our slightly steep stairs. I was concerned as we have a glass door at the bottom. The OT was very helpful and said that if we ever need anything else it should be available in a couple of weeks. Much better than we expected!

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