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12th April 2014, 19:12
Evening all, I have just looked at Laila's profile and she hasn't been on here since 25th March.....I know it was getting difficult but she did come in fairly regularly to see what's going on.....I do hope she is ok, can anybody get in touch with her? It's nearly 3 weeks.......


12th April 2014, 19:16
Hi Debbie, I was just thinking the same when I sAw the post from the boys re Moto GP. Hope she is ok.


12th April 2014, 21:39
Hi Debbie;

I will email her in a couple of weeks if that's OK, as I do not want to bother her too much. She seemed OK the last time I reported on her.

Love Terry

12th April 2014, 22:34
Hi Terry and Debbie. Yes laila been absent for a while if you find out anything please let us all know laila such a bubbly character miss her posts no doubt she wrote them with a g and t. Best wishes to you all. Gerald

13th April 2014, 14:01
I’m not one given to be emotional - my neuro says I’m stoic, my husband says I’m a ball-breaker – but even I have been moved over the last few days!
Whether it’s posts such as this one, being concerned about a fellow member or reassuring Ang that she’s better off without some “friends” or Gerald’s toast to willsandco, etc, it’s just good to be part of this tight knit, supportive and caring community.

13th April 2014, 14:32
So true, I couldn’t agree with you more Ellie! It really is such a comforting place to come and share the good, the bad and the ugly. Knowing that you are not judged, and just understood with real compassion and real understanding.

Remember that sitcom ‘Cheers’ (one of my favorites) Every time Norm walked thru the door they all shouted his name in unison. That’s with this Forum reminds me of, a comforting place to turn to where ‘everybody knows your name’ lol even though we may never get the pleasure to meet one another. Seems our thoughts and feelings are shared on an entirely differently level here. It also proves that even though we may be divided by countries we are still all in the same place.

Do hope all is well for Laila...

CC xoxo

13th April 2014, 19:57
I agree, it would be good to hear from Laila....x

19th April 2014, 22:18
Hi all;

Laila does not seemed to have visited the forum so as promised I have just emailed her. I will update when I get a reply.

Love Terry

22nd April 2014, 15:33
Hi all:

I sent your good wishes on and Laila thanks you all for being concerned and she is fine.

22nd April 2014, 15:36
Hi all;

Laila does not seemed to have visited the forum so as promised I have just emailed her. I will update when I get a reply.

Love Terry

Hiya Terry,
I am just Glad she is OK.


22nd April 2014, 16:14

I remember her saying she lived alone with her dog. Do you know if she is still alone now, or does she having someone with her helping and taking good care of her?


22nd April 2014, 17:32
Hi all:

I sent your good wishes on and Laila thanks you all for being concerned and is fine.

Good to hear that she's fine x

22nd April 2014, 19:25
CC she said she was in a hospice now, that was some time ago on the Forum, and she was well looked after.
Terry thanks for your enquiries, I'm glad she is ok, and she is in my prayers
thanks again

22nd April 2014, 19:46
Great news! So good to hear she is ok.

23rd April 2014, 01:24
Thanks Debbie

I sincerely hope she is getting the very best of care there. Also hope her faithful companion who means so much to her is in very good hands as well.


23rd April 2014, 01:34
Great news, so glad you're OK.

22nd May 2014, 16:17
Just hear back from Laila via email. She is fine but a bit weaker.

22nd May 2014, 16:55
Hi Terry,

Thanks for posting that, I was just wondering about quite a few folk we don't hear from now, only to be expected I guess considering what we all have ,just good to know Carols ok ,well ok as she can be .

22nd May 2014, 16:56
Thanks for sharing that Terry.

23rd May 2014, 18:11
Oh Terry thanks, just like all the people on this forum suffering with MND....and I did think before I wrote that, she has so many parts to her, the 'hippie' the 'scientist', the 'petrolhead' the 'doglover', the 'GSOH'....I miss her posts but think of her often when I come on here.
I will raise my G and T to her tonight......for us this is the 1 year anniversary coming up on Sunday...and we do miss my darling sister.

23rd May 2014, 19:02
You forgot Musician??

She has recordings on youtube or records.

I will have a G & T later as well, just to be sociable and in memory of sis. Surely not a year.

Hugs, Terry

23rd May 2014, 19:39
Hi Debbie ,

I remember it all so clearly, it doesn't seem like a year, I too will raise a glass in her memory .


24th May 2014, 14:16
Thanks Pete and Terry...I did forget musician......good job you're on the ball Terry.....but then you do have that dual life....at least 2 women even if one of them is over the pond........
I'm still loving the meercat Pete and I also like 'A Million more years'
my usual sign off with a special flourish

24th May 2014, 14:44
Good one Debbie :)

But I’ve been officially dumped. He broke my heart, left in me in tears on this side of the pond, jilted me in front of all his fellow countrymen. He even makes jokes about it ! He has no shame…Men !!

Please give him a stern warning Debbie, please make sure he’s taking good care of our Laila, hate for her to have to go thru the same heartache as me.

Terry my darling ex this one is for you
www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN-4lX0QyZc Cached

CC :(

24th May 2014, 15:07
Debbie, I too cannot believe that a year has gone by. I shall have an extra strong coffee in her honour, as I no longer drink alcohol.
I know you were very close to her and my thoughts are with you. It’s your turn to get some hugs!
Love Ellie.

27th May 2014, 00:17
CC I feel your pain but the video is appropriate.......Ellie thanks for your kind words.....someone new Raveo said 'gone for your arms but not from your heart' about someone else....well that's a nice saying although not appropriate when it si a sister!! but maybe 'never gone from my heart' would be a good saying because that's surely true.....talking of strong coffee my nephew had a little gathering after the stone setting and I had a cup of coffee that could have walked out of the room and lifted a car up! it was that strong...yuck, made by somebody who never drinks coffee!!! the food was delicious though!! So watch out! much love

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