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13th April 2014, 02:11
It's less than 8 hours before tomorrow's London Marathon. Good luck to all the runners and especially the MND runners. My nephew Simon will be among them, running in memory of his mum Lynne. We'll be cheering him on at mile 21 after a drink at the Railway Tavern the MND pub. These runners are simply fantastic, we just have to turn up to cheer them on but they are the ones who have been training through wind and rain and injuries and days when they would probably rather be doing anything else. And they're all raising money for MND.
It's very emotional now just thinking about it and thinking about Lynne this time last year, but I'll sign off before I get all unnecessary!!
with love

13th April 2014, 13:55
Hi Debbie

Cheers and Good Luck to your Simon, and all the Marathon Runners that are running for a great cause! Have a drink for me as well at the pub in memory of your beloved Lynne. God bless, and may they all be safe.

Cheering from this side as well :)
CC xoxoxo

13th April 2014, 20:26
Hear hear, my friend ran it today for the first time. She wanted to run it for MND but wasn't lucky to get a slot with them or in the general ballot. She still ran for a great cause and I'm hugely proud of her and everyone else that got out there and did something!

13th April 2014, 22:22
Oh well I'm just back now.....for anyone who hasn't been to our London Marathon this one was absolutely fantastic. The sun shone and so many people running for each worthy cause, it takes your breath away. We were at the MNDA stand and the atmosphere was wonderful. We got the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to Limehouse and as we were chugging along we could see the runners on the street and feel the party atmosphere. The MNDA had a DJ outside the pub and the music was good to bob along to as we waved clapped and cheered all the runners, saving an extra special cheer for when an MNDA runner passed us by. The MNDA guy on the microphone was calling out names of people who were having difficulty as they ran or limped past us and we all clapped them on.
Yes Cookewitch you're right all the charities are important and your friend was raising money for a worthy cause which is all that matters.
I was next to the MNDA photographer who was trying to snap each MNDA runner who came past, he got most of them but a few got away before he could snap them.
We had boards with a photo of Lynne and 'Run Simon Run' to give him inspiration and when he passed by us he looked terrific. The MNDA were shouting for the runners and they said that Simon had raised 20,000, he really did fantastically well. I know his mum was watching him and making him carry on. He knees did give in around mile 23 and he hobbled the rest of the way back. He said he was going to do it for his mum and he did. The love that he and all the runners showed by such a feat of sheet determination and stamina was a joy to be part of, even though all we had to do was cheer and clap. I'm exhausted!
Yes CC I did have a G and T and raise it to Lynne. We went to the Mall afterwards and that was a sight to behold, so many hundreds well thousands of people with their medals and their teams of supporters. Everyone was in good spirits, it was so crowded but every body was good tempered.
Off we went then and had an Italian meal (CC you would have loved it) and then home. My head is swirling with emotions about today. We miss Lynne but she was with us today.
This is me reporting from London 21.22, goodnight

13th April 2014, 22:55
Hi congratulations to all runners how do you get a slot for next year as my brother would like to run for mnda and how much does it cost and how much sponsorship will he need to get please

14th April 2014, 12:33
Hi Jane,

You can find out more here, by scrolling to the bottom of the page: http://www.mndassociation.org/get-involved/fundraising/get-yourself-involved/running-events/london-marathon

The best bet is to apply for the public ballot at www.virginlondonmarathon.com (this closes on 22 April!). You can also apply for a 'Golden Bond' place with the Association. These are limited and there is huge demand for each place. You can do this by calling 01604 611867 or email anita.frith@mndassociation.org.

Best wishes,


14th April 2014, 13:53
That really is just fantastic Debbie, and sounds like it turned out to be a great event! :) Your Simon is really doing his Mom proud, and raised a lot of money on behalf of mnd! Great that you were there for him cheering him on in every aspect as well, I’m sure it meant a lot to him to have you there.

If only lived a bit closer would have loved to have joined you in your cheers and Italian feast. I know I would have enjoyed it all, and certainly happy you did :)

CC xoxo

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