View Full Version : Britan you really do got talent !

18th April 2014, 20:40
My son came home and showed us this. I'm sure many of you might have seen it already, but just so amazing wanted to share for those that didn't!! What an incredible elegant, graceful, and classy lady! Good for her! :)

Hope she wins it all as well :)

oops sorry this is the one I mean't to copy!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjHnWz3EyHs Cached

CC xxx

19th April 2014, 15:22
Well that's it CC my secret's out!!!!when I'm not on the forum I'm honing my skills as a dancer extraordinarie!!!
Glad you enjoyed it, obviously modesty has prevented me from 'blowing my own trumpet'


19th April 2014, 18:10
HAHAHA :) Well dam girl you look fanstastic for your age!! Keep dancing, we all should be so blessed to be doing that at 80!!


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