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4th May 2014, 12:53
Hi all

Just thought I see if anyone is going to conference next Saturday myself and my dad is going and be lovely to meet anyone there that posts on the forums

we only recently found out about my dad having MND :(

so we just coming to terms with all the changes I eas also wanting dad to meet others with MND as since becoming ill and giving up work is very isolated and has at the minute no social life and needs to be with someone to go out, I am trying my best to get things changed like getting dad moved closer to me and also in sheltered accommodation so he have people to socialise with why he is still able to do things for himself but with very little money this proves difficult as dad isnt getting all the benefits he is entitled to

anyway enough rambling hope to see you there, if anyone here is attending please can you let me know be lovely to meet you x

Jennie x

20th November 2014, 12:06
I keep being told I there are unread threads in a particular forum but when I go in I read all the latest ones ages ago and even double clicked the forum icon to show it as 'all read'? I could understand it if I were logging on a different pc or if I didn't stay logged....it's very odd!

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20th November 2014, 16:43
Stick with it Sara, it's normally fine. Not sure what trouble you're having but it is not the norm.


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