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18th May 2011, 13:12
My best friend has MND and is currently using an NIV at night but has requested a portable vent to aid his breathing and extend his activities during the day

He's told me the NHS won't fund this and that he needs to submit some form of justification for his request.

Anybody had a similar experience and what are the important points to consider when making the request?

Sorry the details are vague, any advice would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,


Ange M
18th May 2011, 20:33
Has he spoken to his Occupational Therapist or better still has he a Respiritory nurse? My late husband had 2 NIVs at the end due to his first not being battery powered, however he was constantly dependant on it.

Ange x

19th May 2011, 13:13
I'll ask him Ange, I'm not always present when members of his support team attend.
Thanks for the advice.

Kind reagrds,


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