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7th May 2014, 12:20
Before my voice goes, I am recording silly stories and experiences from my chaotic, fun filled life - and it is such a load of fun!
I just am doing it for the family really cos life has been so good to me and I have so many hilarious memories. I don't want them to go with me.
Other forum members have suggested that I do another compilation for all us forum members and publish it for MND funds.
I am sure so many of you have tales from childhood, working days, or recent times that just stop you in your tracks and make you laugh.
Humour is so good for you; I know it carries me through the dark days with this disease.
So, I just want a straw poll really.
How many of you would be interested? It wouldn't be difficult for you all. You could just email me stuff, I could collate it and we could publish.
If you could just confirm that you would be interested, that would be good. I am away in Normandy until early June but I could perhaps start looking at it seriously after that.
Let me know, folks.

7th May 2014, 13:00
Good for you!! :) Go for it Girl !

Like I said it other post what a fanstastic idea! I hope you get everyone on board, and their support.

Good Luck :)

8th May 2014, 00:45
Hi Joycie

What a great idea, right behind you x


8th May 2014, 11:59
Hello Joycie,

Like you I have had a great and fulfilling life with many laughs along the way. Count me in to provide some funny tales.

Best wishes,

8th May 2014, 12:50
Ok Barry. Will be seeing you on Sunday anyway. Will get our heads together! Just packing the car now for 3 nights at our daughters in Consett and then Durham here we come for conference! See you soon! Joycie x

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