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10th May 2014, 12:59
Hi all,
I have searched the site regarding the above, and got a couple of companies to contact. I was wondering if anybody had used a company that covers North West, that were reputable, and not extortionate to install and rent? We are about to have some alterations done to the downstairs (i.e. wet room/toilet, possible bedroom) however I am currently struggling with the stairs and need something in the interim/or until I can no longer make use of it.
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3rd June 2014, 09:55
Hi Maximas08
Hope you have your stair lift sorted. I have just had a quote from Acorn, min 6months rent for 1100, is that expensive ?

3rd June 2014, 10:46
Hi Clive ,

That sounds very expensive to me, ours cost around 50 per month to rent ,that's not a new one and just a straight track ,so expect new and more difficult curved installs will no doubt cost more , never fails to amaze me just how costly everything to do with disability is.

3rd June 2014, 14:44
Hi Clive,
I ended up buying a reconditioned stairlift instead of renting. By the time I'd paid installation fees/removal fees and rental at around 60 per month, it probably worked out cheaper to do this. I needed a hinge piece at the bottom of the stairs, which upped the price by a further 300 and. All in all, fitted, 1450… Not cheap, but they have got you by ' the short and curlies'! I used a firm based in Manchester, that were recommended. They were very good, no pressure tactics, and would look at various options for cost.

Graham Bardsley of Stairlift Trader
0161 370 6999

Just let him know, Pete Hargreaves from Rochdale recommended him to you. Hope this helps.
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3rd June 2014, 18:39
Hi pete ring mnda.if you have referral from oc.therapist they can supply one to you at no cost for the first 3 months.we did this and it would only have been 30 pounds a mnth rental after with the firm.they also supply riser recliner chairs at no cost as long as you again have referral.get on the phone tomorrow!Lots of love as always.caroline xxxxxx

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