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11th May 2014, 13:12
Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums :)

I know guys celebrate it another time, and if I remember right call it something else?

Still It’s Mothers Day here in the US today, so had wish all you Mummy’s over there as well a wonderful Day! No greater job in the world in my opinion, the pay stinks, but the rewards and benefits are tremendous :) :)

Having lots of sunshine today after three days of rain. Having a bbq at my bosom buddy’s house with her gang and mine, and then will go off scooting again for some private mommy time together.

Enjoy the Day :)
CC xox

Thoughts and prayers going out to all the Nigeria Moms, can’t even begin to imagine their horror. Prayers all the Nations together can bring them home safely to their Moms and Dads….

11th May 2014, 13:31
Chow cc. Happy mothers day. to you still same name over here but you are right different date, i sincerly hope you have your feet up on that patio of yours and the not so wee ones are making a true fuss of you.

Have a great day. Love gerald

11th May 2014, 15:35
Happy Mom's Day CC,

Here's a bit of US nostalgia for you, it'll take you back, probably when still at home with your Mom,

You like a bit of Boogie, just don't overdo it, remember, you're no Spring-Chicken anymore, ha


11th May 2014, 16:51
LOL yep feet will be up soon enough Gerald, we Moms will be enjoying a day off for a change.

Thanks Ray some of it a bit before my time (happy to say) but it really was great!! No worries I was doing the boggie woggie with your piano man video!! That guy really didn't give you a choice! lol :)

My son brought me flowers and makes me this home made card every year since a baby....since he is no great artist like his Mom he draws this stick figure guy with the universal happy face, only he adds spiky hair thinking he created some masterpiece or something...to cute!! He knows though I still demand my spiky stick figure man on Mothers day :) Still waiting for my princesses to rise and shine can't wait to see what creative things they came up with this year! :)


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