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20th May 2011, 12:01
Hi all,

My mums voice is really bad now and she is using a white board to communicate. It use to be the case of missing one or two words in a sentence but now you're listening for a single word to try and understand what she is saying. So hard to see!

I attended the recent MNDA Conference in Reading and was very impressed with the JayBee software. It can be used on any Windows device with a mouse, touch screen or switch. Plus it learns phrases so you can communicate a message in the shortest amount of steps. The price is also reasonable at 350.


I have also been told that an App for the iPad called Predictable is very good. Again the price is reasonable at 90.

Does anyone have any experience of the above products or have any other suggestions for speech software? Also what are peoples experiences with the Litewriter device? We have one on order and should arrive within a few weeks.


20th May 2011, 16:03
I have an iPad and you can get an App called "Verbally" for free. It has basic phrases and words, and tries to predict as you text. There is a choice of 2 speakers,one male, one female. I don't know how it compares to other software but at present it fits my needs.
Hope this helps


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