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25th May 2014, 14:29
We went to see the Jersey Boys last night in London and whilst I know all of the Frankie Valli and Fours Seasons songs I was not aware of the story behind their rise to fame. What a fantastic show with great performers.
Bit scary sitting in the grand circle as you are high up and the seats are are steeply banked. Needed to stand during the interval to stretch my legs so I faced away from the stage and hung onto the back of my chair.


25th May 2014, 20:07
Hi Barry

Thatís great you enjoyed Jersey Boys!! Itís been going strong here as well in the City on Broadway for some time. My dear friend saw it twice, and just loved it too :)

Havenít seen that one, been saving my pennies for Wicked. If you love the theatre Barry look into that one as well, suppose to another great one!

CC xox

27th July 2014, 12:17
Hi Barry, All

Saw Jersey Boys last night with my dear friend. Not the play the movie directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Very enjoyable, and well done! If you love Frankie Valli’s music, and the 50’s & 60’s go see it if you can, probably bring back some happy memories. Loved the old cars!!


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