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31st May 2014, 14:50
I started a bucket list of things i want to do before i check out.

Not major things like jumping out of planes etc but simple things that most people would not want to do or care about.

I have my first arranged and that is to ride in the cab of an London underground train with the driver.

Im inviting a local newspaper who wants to follow my story plus i have been offered to have it all videoed by my local AV Andy pape,

We of course will be doing our MND awareness and wearing our t-shirts etc :D:D:D

31st May 2014, 18:39
Why not jump out of a plane? Do what you can and enjoy the experiences and if you can raise awareness all the better.

Have fun, Terry

31st May 2014, 21:48
you jump out of a plane Terry...if iwontgivein wants to ride in the cab of a London Underground train that's good for him.....it can get pretty scary on those trains!
:) that was meant to be a wink !
whatever your bucket list.....enjoy

1st June 2014, 09:19
lol, i done the jumping out of planes back in 1982 while in the army, scared stiff of heights now. :eek:

My local AV is now coming and of course raise awareness is so important

New MNDA awareness posters are now all over the underground stations, perfect timing for awareness month


1st June 2014, 10:01
Hi john enjoy your train ride and anything else you want to do. Great idea about the awareness campaign its what is needed, go for everything!. Best wishes Gerald

1st June 2014, 12:32
Dear Debbie;

If you would like to push me out of a plane, your welcome. Just arrange sponsorship and time at a nearby place. I won't need a parachute as I always land on my flexible legs.

Love Terry

3rd June 2014, 00:35
Dear Terry,
just that thought scared the life out of me.....I cannot imagine being in a plane and pushing another human being out...even if he is a cad and a philanderer....can we do a 'virtual push' and get that sponsored!
You've set me a challenge now but I think you're dallying with my affections just like what you did with CC........she is over the pond but I'm within driving distance from you........although it would take a lot for me to go north of Watford.
And as for flexible legs.....who are you....zebedee?! or a slinky?!

love Debbie

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