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7th June 2014, 21:54
Hi all
Wonder if anyone can help. My mum is 78. Does this mean she is too old to get any kind of assistance with a car loan / lease/ mobility allowance ?She is finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out the car and it's a case of completely manhandling her to to do it. Thinking we need a WAV of some kind as she does enjoy going out (hairdressers etc!)? And also, can you get a WAV car that fits a wheelchair plus seats for the kids / other passengers?
Thanks in advance!

7th June 2014, 23:33
Hi Sarah,
Your mum is too old to get Disability Living Allowance or the PIP benefit which replaces it. She could possibly get Attendance Allowance added to her pension. This is paid at two levels dependant on the level of her disabilities but if she has mnd she should get the higher level 84 per week. If she is cared for by someone for 35 hours per week or more they could claim carers allowance. These payments cannot be used for the motability scheme but could be used for leasing or loan payments.
I do not think there is any other way of getting financial assistance for vehicle costs if you are over 65.


8th June 2014, 18:14
Hi Sarah;

I think Johns right as regards to financial help, not very fair. If you look on this other recent thread it might give you a few ideas:-


Regards Terry

8th June 2014, 18:28
Hi Terry, we have just been through this as you know. Eddy did not qualify for any motability allowance because of his age we had to pay for the secondhand WAV ourselves. However, the MNDA did give us a contribution of 1000 towards this which was such a surprise and a great help.

It is really unfair that age is the discriminator it is like saying that you are over 65 therefore you do not need to go out!!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

Love Diane

8th June 2014, 20:44
Hi Everyone
Thank you very much for your replies. Does seem a bit bonkers
Sarah x

8th June 2014, 21:00
I voted for The Green Party, they promised to make it fair for everyone, specially adapted Rickshaw's for all disabled, regardless of age.

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