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19th June 2014, 18:36
Hi Gang

This one is way off topic, but thought would be interesting to share :)

I see my daughter intensely involved on her laptop. Since classes are over I knew she wasn’t doing a report so I asked her ‘what are you doing?’. She says ‘I’m filling out an application’ naturally I said ‘for what?’ she said as natural as can be ‘egg donation’ I froze, and said ‘what??’

She looks up from laptop and says ‘You know egg donation, there is a high demand for healthy white girl’s eggs and if I get chosen by a couple they pay me $10,000 for my eggs and if I get picked a second time I get $15,000’ I said ‘Your kidding right?’ money being the furthest thing from my mind. She says ‘Nope, it’s all anonymous, and the money is great right!?’ and apparently the only thing on hers.

I said to her ‘I don’t think you have any idea of what your getting involved in here, this is no walk in the park there is a reason they paying this kind of money. Your body will have to endure injections, blood work, ultrasounds etc and there is always risk involved, plus you will have a biological child out there you don’t know about’ She disagreed said it’s not her child just her egg. I told her if your doing for the money it’s not worth it, if doing to help a couple it’s a lot to think about.

Also said to her, one day she will have children of her own so what happens if your child lets say a girl meets your half biological child out there in the world, and it’s a boy, and the fall in love? Now you have your children wanting to marry each other and they wouldn’t even know it! She said the odds of that happening is zero.

I told her the Universe has a sick, and wicked sense of humor, and for that reason the odds are more then likely, what you put out there always comes back to you. She laughed and said I’m crazy! Because they know everything.

She got to the medical family history part of the application, I made sure I informed her of all the illnesses, hoping this will be the out, and she won’t get picked! Never thought I would be happy about my medical family history.

I swear, these kids today….had a nice big glass of wine after that conversation.


19th June 2014, 21:28
Once again we're singing from the same hymn sheet CC......as we say over here..I'm gobsmacked.....I'm also drinking a nice glass if very cold italian white wine

19th June 2014, 23:41
Hi Debbie

I had to Google the meaning for that word, and yes indeed I was gobsmacked too!! Enjoy your wine :)


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