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25th June 2014, 12:55
There's hope for Cc yet, Might be an idea for you in Australia with Marie.

Very funny, not what you expect.

Watch till the very end.

It's in French, but the English subtitles tell the story.

Follow the link


I guess that's me you finished Cc, Terry

25th June 2014, 13:13
Hahahaha:) :) Loved this one!! Very Good !!

Good Idea too, but I get to be the waitress!! and next time we'll switch Marieline.

Your an Englishmen Terry, you'll be finished before I even get started!! haha

hugs and kisses
CC xxooxxoo

26th June 2014, 13:03
Hahaha Terry,
I hope you are prepared, who will back you up?. Don't mess with us clever girls! I will stock up CC for when my turn comes hahaha.

Hope that hotblooded husband of your's is keeping an eye on you. Terry certainly want to have his way with you.

Thanks for the link.

Best wishes xoxo Marie

26th June 2014, 14:00
"No worries mate" Marie;

I am sure Big Steve and Gerald will support me, not sure about Pete mate as he is too diplomatic.

Never heard of "stock up" but I guess it's same as back up.

Bring it on, Terry

26th June 2014, 19:30
LOL Terry she’s stocking up on the condiments silly, cause god knows we’re gonna need them! Haha :)

Do Englishmen need to call for back up?? Lol Come on now Terry, put on those fishnets and ‘man up’ !

More hugs and kisses
CC xoxoxo

27th June 2014, 06:47
LOL, you guys crack me up!! :) So very funny back up!! haha I wonder what Gerald and Big Steve think about that plan of yours Terry. You will have to go first CC and i will be your back up :)

Cheers mates, you are too good for my spirit. Lots of hugs and a Debbie super - size dose of love from Down under.

27th June 2014, 14:22
You got it sister friend, I'll go first and try anything once!!

I don't think Gerald and Big Steve are coming to this party of yours Terry! So your on your own Mate LOL Can you handle it??

Bring it on
CC xoxo

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