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27th June 2014, 14:36

Best Buddies, so heartwarming :)

Thought you'd love this one Pete :)

CC xoxox

27th June 2014, 19:51
Hi CC,
Yes that did test the emotions ,It was almost like Rosie and the sheep only in reverse , rose has been much better of late and even better in the power chair I can get to the gate to the field so carrots and apples are back on the menu. Thanks for that ,off to dry the tears !!.


27th June 2014, 21:05
Oh my god! I cried too Pete... the part when Mr. G got up and ran to the gate cause he knew Jellybean was coming...right to the heart that one went!! Good to know I'm in good company :)

Great to hear about Rosie!! Give her a big hug and those extra treats for me!! :) :)

(Don't mind us gang we just having a moment lol)

CC xoxox

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