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28th June 2014, 23:50
Hit the nail on the head, met her match!, excellent, absolutely great response, turn sound up,


29th June 2014, 11:41
Hi Ray ,
At last a woman who speaks for all human beings ,she is the first person I have heard expressing most sane peoples view of this issue ,for me ,if Islam is so important to the Muslims I wonder why that so many choose to live in non Muslim country's ,maybe a lot to do with the lady would not be allowed to give her views as she can in a free society like America , considering that it was her people that perpetrated the most sickening crime against innocent civilians that horrified the western world ,still they make out that they are misunderstood and most are peace loving individuals who are treated so badly by us who are supposed to feel sorry for them, well tough **** if you live in a country ,,dress western and respect it's laws otherwise live elsewhere . Rant over ,thanks Ray

29th June 2014, 13:10

Thanks for sharing that, and what a great topic to kick off our United Nations Club! :)

The US turn to speak (well really just little ole me lol)

WOW!!! Bridgette Gabriel for President 2016! This woman has my vote! She had me standing and applauding half way thru that speech. Hilary Clinton would be no match against this woman if either decided to run, but what an election year that would be!!

She brought to mind a graffiti message I remember reading painted high and large on a highway overpass shortly after 9/11/2001. It read ‘Not all Muslims are Terrorist, but all Terrorist are Muslim’ it stuck with me till this day. Yes, it may be a political incorrect view, but quite shared.

On that note, as Terry likes to say…peace on earth


29th June 2014, 21:26
It's nice to hear someone say what a lot of people are thinking.


30th June 2014, 10:40
Another right wing American with her own blinkered world view.

Look at the damage the good old US of A have done in Iraq, AFghanistan and Israel.

This type of politics belongs in the dark ages.

30th June 2014, 11:26
I hate to say it Steve but I think we had something to do with that as well.

Peace on some of the earth would be nice, Terry

30th June 2014, 12:29
Many of those countries live in the dark ages Steve. Then they produce Radicals that come out and kill and viciously slaughter the innocent, that’s where the problem lies.

They want to fight and kill each other, I say leave them be. They been doing it long before we been here, it’s never going to change.

Peace on earth would be nice

30th June 2014, 13:20
Hi Terry,
Nice thought mate, though I doubt it will ever happen , there are those who think it's right to impose our way of living on others who cannot live together ,killing one another is part of everyday life in some countries , what's even worse we let these people in our country Just look back a few months to that horror in London a soldier run down and butchered on the street in broad daylight, despite the
witnesses and CCTV live coverage ,the farce that followed where the less than animals had some one defend their actions and even allow an appeal ,wonder who paid that bill ? ,Steve is right about the dark ages , England emerged from that a while ago, So many still live in the dark ages and those who do have no rights to live in a civilised society .


30th June 2014, 13:55
We let them in too Pete, so they can set up camp right under our noses, and premeditate on how to kill us!!

If those Towers didn’t hold up for as long as they did it wouldn’t be 3000 innocent murdered souls, but 30,000.


30th June 2014, 16:14
Hiya CC ,
Just a matter of time before we get another wake up call over here, but we have a secret weapon our benefits system , I doubt they will do anything to spoil that earner for so many, but if you look at Londons skyline now we still have nothing as high as your buildings but now there are quite a few high rise buildings and a very populated city below. I really hope it never happens but with so many crackpots now on the loose it only takes one . Have to admit glad I am out of that security business ,don't envy anyone working in any city now.


30th June 2014, 22:25
Hiya Pete

All so very true. Just takes one matermind extremist with a few of his insanity pals set out on a mission to cause another diabolical act in your country or mine.

We live back under a false sense of security again. Granted more measures have been put in place in attempt to protect us from these maniacs, but they are still here. Plotting and planning away, just waiting to strike again as soon as they can seize the opportunity. Just hope we can always stay ten steps ahead of them.

If we think dropping bombs on them and pointing weapons in their faces is going to change the way of their world it’s never going to happen.

Can still hope for peace on earth :)
CC xox

30th June 2014, 23:05
The reason we and the Americans went into the Middle East and Afghanistan was the atrocities carried out in our cities. Do we just turn the other cheek. These nutters like Isis will not rest with their conquests in Iraq. They want to spread their beliefs to the rest of the world and if you do not want to sign up then you are exterminated. Do we just stand by and do nothing? Do you not think they will come to our shores? They were responsible for the London bombings and the twin towers. These weren't reprisals they were unprovoked murders by a bunch of extremists and they are carrying on with their butchering all over in the world. Should this remain unchallenged or should it be confronted? It would be very nice to pop our heads in the sand but there must come a point in this cycle of killing when the world says stop.

1st July 2014, 00:53
8 Pictures, a 1000 words


1st July 2014, 00:57
Point well taken John.

Really though what is the solution?? Violence met with more violence never seems to be the answer. Education sounds like a possibility, but only if they want it, how can it be forced? Remember Malala Yousafzani the 14 year old girl shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting young girl’s rights to be educated. Which by the way, she is now living and going to school in the UK :) The insanity squad in her country threatened another attempt on her life if continued to promote education.

Flushing out the existing maniacs already here, and closing up our Boarders sounds like a reasonable solution to me, but of course quite a politically incorrect one lol


1st July 2014, 08:08
Hi CC,
Violence is the only way to stop what is happening because of the ultimate goal of these people which appears to be a world full of people following what is their religion. I do not see how else it can be stopped and unfortunately it will have to be war on a massive scale. They have no respect for anyone else. Their belief does not accept or tolerate anyone who does not share and practice their belief. They must be being financed initially by others but now with strategic seizures in Iraq they have the oil revenue of that country and $1.2 bn.
I cannot see how they can be brought to a halt and do not what to live the life the Taliban created in Afghanistan. The Russians tried to stop them in Afghanistan and the world stood by and watched and even helped with armaments. A stupid mistake which has cost us dearly and allowed them to recruit even more with their mind games. Our best hope would be if the Muslims living amongst us came to recognise the awful existence that lies ahead if they are allowed to continue building their numbers from amongst their communities.

An awful prospect.


1st July 2014, 12:46
An awful prospect indeed.

We lost almost 7,000 soldiers in this decade long Iraq/Afghanistan war. War never seems a solution, but as you said John, how do we stop them?? They can’t seemed to be contained. They’d kill us in a heartbeat given the opportunity, and in any manner inhumanly possible.

My heart and thoughts still go to those 300 Niagara girls that now dropped of the radar of social media. Can’t begin to imagine the horrors and brutality they are enduring in the hands of these psychopaths. Certainly hope our Nations haven’t given up on them. That would be another travesty allowing these brutal Extremist this victory.

CC xxx

1st July 2014, 13:36
John, have you ever considered that our foreign policy has contributed to these terrorist attacks?

CC, add to that list 1M innocent Iraqis and the British troops that lost their lives and you quickly come to realise the true cost of an illegal war based on a sexed up dossier.

Then add the crazy philosophy that 'your enemies enemy is your friend' that has seen us arm islamic fundamentalists in Syria who have hopped over the border to carve up Iraq. If thats not laughable enough then America turns to Iran, who up until three weeks ago their war machine was saying was the greatest threat in the Middle East.

I agree with one thing, whilever we pursue these right wing war mongering policies the bodies will mount up and citizens in the US and UK will not be safe from attack. Whilever unmanned drones fly over Pakistan and Afghanistan preachers will have a production line of young men willing to carry out terrorist acts.

1st July 2014, 18:43
I do not want war any more than you do but if we do not go to them they bring it to us. Which foreign policy led to the London bombings?
I think generally we are even handed. We did go to the aid of Kuwait when Saddam marched in and torched oil wells and stole super cars. I do not see that behaviour as being ideological merely a dictator starting out to recreate the Ottoman Empire. I agree we shouldn't be arming terrorists anywhere. Syrian or the Ukraine. It appears the Ukraine is run by a group who seized power from a legitimately elected government and as you say the Syrian opposition are a bunch who have now joined forces with Sunni extremists to overthrow the government we left in place apparently legally elected into office in Iraq. The Americans and ourselves were insane to go to war on the basis of a dossier created largely with the help of those opposed to the Saddam regime. We had our own means of gathering information that should have been relied upon. We had the UN carrying out inspections and although Saddam never cooperated with them they never found anything to confirm the existence of a nuclear capability or weapons of mass destruction.
It is a sad mess but if you think that leaving Isis to occupy Iraq will make the world a safer place I beg to differ. They will carry on their relentless March in the same way Hitler would have done if left unopposed.
If you have a better idea maybe you would care to share it with William Haigh who seems anxious to take up arms against Isis.


1st July 2014, 20:57
Hi John,
It's always the case damned if you do and damned if you don't , I think most sane people know that there are no winners in any war ,just when one side decides it's time to stop you always get groups that will carry on ,,to most western soldiers it's a job and fair to say prefer to live and go home after the conflict ,but there are real issues when you take on fighters are not afraid to die for whatever they believe is right and just however strange and callous that may seem to us, belief is a mighty powerful driving force ,the Russian found that out ,so why on earth did we think we could change a countries culture and history by fighting a conventional war ,it's my belief that we can't keep fighting another countries wars ,and we lost far too many lives by the very ones we were helping ,as not all wanted us in their country nor did they want to live as we do . The best Intensions cost many lives and for what, the only solution proved to work was a nuclear strike but no one wants that on their conscience . I think that despite all the talking and money spent on any war ,this will never solve conflicts in countries who seem to care little about human life we are not thanked or welcome in so many countries now after getting involved and not eradicating the root cause totally as this would be condemned by the rest of the world. Time to protect our shores and our people and let the countries fight their own wars ,ban media from making a a conflict into good viewing figures and just let them sort each other's problems , we are no longer the top dog just a little country with huge problems within our own borders ,let's sort our own country's security because it's our own people that deserve the protection from the groups within and those who come to kill innocent civilians in the future.

1st July 2014, 22:38
All of you have made valid points, i remember thinking "we'll open up a giant can of worms"
That was when we went after Saddam the first time, and it's a lot more dangerous now, around the World,
I've got pics on emails, showing the burnt bodies of hundreds of non-muslims in parts of Africa,
Somali pirates are another example, all muslim, it's a plague, and i don't think it can be stopped,

Then we have the 300 nutters that went to Syria, then back to claim their multiple benefits from Social,
This screwball government's polices welcomes them back, as law abiding,
They should all have immediately turned round, UK passports ripped up

Please read this factual information, it's how this hatred festers, then worry for the future, if any!!!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqu3u9zvpn87m9u/Fw%20READ%20KEEP%20and%20FORWARD%20to%20EVERYONE.m sg

1st July 2014, 23:44
That's a great word for it Ray, it really is like plague. They are everywhere as well, filled with hatred and rage ready to strike out and strike down all of us that don't share in their warped, distorted reality. They are void of anything remotely human except physically. It's about as evil as evil can be. Terrifying to know that they can walk amongst us plotting their next move.

Back to on sane side of life. A great first topic to to debate in our United Nations Club !! Although I don't think our little Club is going to succeed. I reposted the Club Rules and we already broken rule # 7. Terry joined too, but I'm pretty sure he upheld rule# 3. Hope you don't mind that I reposted the rules was just afraid we might have come dangerously close to breaking rule #1 as well. LOL :)

Rule #1 None of those little round angry red devil faces can be posted.
Rule #2 A maximum of four happy faces per post.
Rule #3 Men are allowed to wear fishnet stockings
Rule #4 All new forum members welcomed, not matter what country they come from
Rule #5 Translators will be provided for those not familiar with the term bada bing bada boom
Rule #6 No maximum amount of xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo
Rule #7 The US and UK can't do all the talking
Rule# 8 Feel free to make up the rules as we go along

We gotta laugh!! or we might just go as nutty as the nuts!! :) :)
CC xoxox

2nd July 2014, 11:07
haha CC love it, got to persuade SWMBO to get me a pair of fish nets.

If I were ever to meet Billy the fizz (Hague) I am afraid I couldn't offer him a solution. A decade of horrendous decision making has created a toxic situation that will go on for decades.

As for the pro Israeli commentator in the video, Israel have launched 34 air strikes and killed 10 palestinians, mostly innocent children. How many children have to die to avenge the death of 3 Isrealis?

On a more positive note it is good to see that the Republican party have made themselves completely unelectable due to the influence of the tea party loons such as Sarah Palin. Elections are won in the centre ground. Bliar knew that when he created new labour and dragged them away from the left. Thats why Ed Miliband's strategy is so risky going back toward the left. The Republicans are junk to the majority of the Hispanic vote and don't fare much better with women.

2nd July 2014, 12:53
Also very true. It’s never going to end, these countries have lived in the dark age for centuries, they obviously prefer it that way, and if they don’t they are not doing anything to change it. Just look how they treat their women.

They want to kill each other, kill each other, just leave the rest of the world out of it. Three Israelis were killed so now they avenge them by killing more, including the innocent!! This is their mentality. There never seems to be a peaceful solution for them.

It still boggles my mind how those 300 hundred little girls have been abducted by the evil beasts and there is not a cry of outrage from all Nations and every resource pulled to find them. They plan to sell the for $12!! This is a crime against humanity in my opinion. If 300 little girls were abducted out of a school in the US by these psychopaths to be sold into slavery and god knows what else, we’d be starting another war over it. Israel is starting one over three of their murdered teens, and these poor helpless little girls are left to fend for themselves against murdering savages. Blows my mind??

As far as the Republicans they hung themselves. Their great white hope is Chris Christie our governor of New Jersey for the 2016 election. He has been dubbed him the Tony Soprano of politics. The man is a big bully with a big mouth. He’s taken money from seniors citizens housing subsidies, and reduced New Jersey residents tax rebate to peanuts. He likes to put the money back in the fat cats pockets were he feels it belongs, just the way of the republican party. Will be an interesting election year when it comes that’s for sure.

LOL you’ll be in good company in your fishnets Steve :)

2nd July 2014, 13:04
I remember Mr Christie from the Fort Lee bridge scandal. If they can't win an election after Obama's failure in office there really is no hope for them.

The West seems reluctant to intervene in Africa, whether that is due to a guilty conscience or a lack of resources (oil) is open for debate. As you say, a terrible situation.

2nd July 2014, 15:47
I don’t feel Obama presidency is a failure. He inherited eight years of the previous Republican Resident’s failures. Economic depression, fiscal wreckage, and a misguided war in the wrong direction just to name a few.

Obama has the potential to be a great leader, but he gets cut off at the knees, and hands tied by the Republicans every chance they get. Do wish he had some bigger balls though against them. It really is a sad day to be a great Nation divided on so many issues.

Gov. Christie took no accountability in his Bridge Gate scandal, he would do the same as President. He didn’t earn my vote for Governor, and unless his opponent is the Democratic version of a Sarah Palin, won’t get it for President either. Will give the Gov. of New Jersey credit for one thing, he does have some big balls, and I'm sure his banking on them to take him all the way.


2nd July 2014, 15:59
I had hoped he would be braver CC, you hit the nail on the head. When he was elected it was on the back of great optimism. I wonder what his legacy will be other than the first black President, especially if Obamacare gets scrapped.

Divided is a great description, and we haven't even mentioned guns...

re Christie, far easier to throw an aide under the bus.

2nd July 2014, 23:01
It just might be his legacy Steve, if the Republicans could wipe out Obama’s health care plan they would do that too, and they certainly tried!!

Oh mama mia, don’t even get me started on the gun control issue! On that one we are the ones still living in the dark ages. The Republican have a solution for that problem though. More guns to protect ourselves from the guns!!

They Sandy Hook school massacre of babies have not been able to change our laws from allowing the mentally ill from getting their hands on weapons of mass destruction. I strongly felt they should have posted up high on every billboard signs across the country, images of the murder scene of those poor innocent children. Maybe actually seeing a dose of reality of what this horrific tragedy really was might have jolted Americans into action. Completely politically incorrect as that may be, the impact of it could maybe saved a life.


3rd July 2014, 10:29
Hi CC, when does a good guy with a gun become a bad guy? Was George Zimmerman a good guy with a gun?

Of course it suits the NRA for everyone to be armed, think of all the $.

3rd July 2014, 12:27
Yes, a self proclaimed righteous good guy with a gun, who got away with murder!

For some reason we just don’t seem to learn anything from our mistakes here when it comes to gun control. It’s still the wild wild west when it comes to our gun laws. With to many gun toting maniacs with an agenda on the loose, and nothing and no one to stop them.

That certainly seems to be the NRA's agenda doesn't it? The statistics here is that we have enough guns out on the streets to arm every man, woman and child with one!!

I'm still trying to figure out why a cilivan needs one? Are we starving for food that we need to hunt? Are intruders breaking down our doors?

It really is just mind boggling?


20th July 2014, 21:40
Just curious what may European friends feel about the Malaysia plane shot down by the missile? Does any one else but me feel Russian President Putin be put on trial for murder? The Malaysia plane was not engaged in warfare.

I was reading some comments people were making on the internet saying that Europe needs to do something. Exactly what should Europe do?

Really makes you wonder what happened to the first plane that went missing?


21st July 2014, 08:31
Hi CC,
Well we are the worlds best at talking ,so we will threaten and wave our arms about discus it for hours by the various comedians in the house of loons ,then talk about it a lot more for several months ,more threats will be sent in emails and letters, we can't send any troops we don't have that many now, very few ships and fewer aircraft so unless we use catapults , trust me , no one will do anything about it , the thugs that are doing whatever they please, and the west do nothing ,pretty much nothing will be done by anyone, it's good media fodder until the next and even more horrific acts are carried out by the mindless thugs , we debate in the UK what the Israelis should and shouldn't do !!!' ,but in there favour at least they do respond to attacks on their people ,as for who is right and who is wrong , who knows anymore, the whole worlds gone mad , time to seal the tunnel and with DC and NC in charge we have little to fear on our little island of plenty . To little to late, we already have the Nutters here thanks to free passage ,I wonder when it errupts here who will come to help us .
You have a great day CC, ,as for finding the missing plane now ,I wonder if they really want to find it for what it may reveal ??.

21st July 2014, 13:14
Lets put FART as the top topic for discussion CC, that will bring peace. Politic is too intellectual for my crumbly brain cells, i will be the observer. I have spent the last few days getting uncontrollably emotional over all the violence happening in the world, hard to avoid the pull of the news channel. For what purpose? I propose we divest men of power and put Women in on top. Sad and disgusted with what "civilised" nations can do to one another.

Let their be peace and healing, my hope and my wish


21st July 2014, 13:42
So agree Marieline! Can never imagine women inventing a missile or weapons of mass destruction, for what purpose??
We shall keeping farting and men in speedos high on the list of topics! lol

I just read this article this morning Pete, (copied and paste it) I believe it backs up your 'do nothing' views.

"If in the coming days access to the disaster area remains inadequate, then all political, economic and financial options are on the table against those who are directly or indirectly responsible for that," he said.

Putin, in a televised address, said the downing of the airliner must not be used for political ends and urged separatists to allow international experts access to the crash site.

The U.N. Security Council is scheduled to vote on Monday on a resolution that would condemn the downing of the plane, and demand that those responsible be held accountable and that armed groups not compromise the integrity of the crash site.

European Union foreign ministers are due to meet on Tuesday and could announce more sanctions. Britain is pushing for tougher measures, and Italy said it expected a "strong and unified response".

But the EU is not expected to take tough action.

"Everything will depend on the determination of Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. As you can see, for now he is having difficulty in coming up with a clear Dutch position", said an EU diplomat.

"Other EU countries will be happy to help him, but the impulse must come from The Hague because they have the moral mandate to demand a resolute, firm reaction. Everything depends on that."


Ukraine said it was willing to hand over coordination of the crash investigation to international partners, perhaps led by the Netherlands, but Kiev was convinced the plane was shot down by "professionals".

"At the moment, we have no doubt that the plane was shot down. The reason for it - a missile strike most likely from a BUK-M1 (SA-11 radar guided missile system)," Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk told a news conference.

"It is clear that this system could not be operated by drunk pro-Russian terrorists. There were professional people."

Kerry said the United States had seen supplies moving into Ukraine from Russia in the last month, including a 150-vehicle convoy of armoured personnel carriers, tanks and rocket launchers given to the separatists.

It had also intercepted conversations about the transfer to separatists of the Russian radar-guided SA-11 missile system, which it blames for the Boeing 777's destruction.

I couldn't find any immediate action being taken for those accountable for those poor murdered innocent people. Peace on earth does seem far reaching at the moment, but my hope and prayer as well.


21st July 2014, 14:30
Hi both,
Yes sadly the damage inflicted in any war also well known as collateral ,the civilians suffer most, but in the Ukraine with the so called army running away from any conflict , just adds a sick kind of humour to MR Putins deluded view of life, well as he views it, he has no intention of doing anything to help, never has, he is making a name for himself in Russia ,and he must be laughing at the west because whatever he does, our limp wristed excuses for leaders just talk the big talk, knowing 300 lives ended by a bunch of rabble backed by Putin , will get away with anything he likes . Because he controls just about everything and no doubt his people beleive his every word. And he won't rest until the USSR is revived, he is to be admired for his devotion to his causes , the rest of the world is no threat to him now he has proved he can do as he pleases without anyone to challenge him . And here I was thinking I had problems !!!.

21st July 2014, 15:33
Agree, a madman another Hitler in the making, with nothing and no one standing in his way. Scary stuff!

23rd July 2014, 05:26
Men calling themselves men, who robbed the dead, megalomaniacs everywhere, We must watch ourself that we do not join them in being too quick at forming opinions about one group or another. A handful of bad fruits should not tarnish an entire orchard. There is still a lot of goodness around, just like there will always be madness and evil. We must stick to speedos.
For peace and healing

23rd July 2014, 12:08
Very true Marieline. After the 9/11 attacks all Muslims in this country were thought of as terrorists. I can remember this one particular doctor in the hospital who always came in wearing her middle eastern culture clothing leaving no doubt of her heritage. She stopped wearing it because she was getting chased and spit on in the street!

Although something needs to be done with these extremists that are killing the innocent, and their ring leader is gaining to much power in my opinion. Obama and other world leaders I don’t believe are going to start a war with Russia, I think the consequences would be unimaginable. Yet there needs to be a solution or more innocent people will continue to be murdered by these maniacs.

Agree again more peace, and healing needed! That’s why women need to rule the world there would always be world peace and speedos! Maybe once a month we would be crampy and cranky to one another, but we would take a Midol and all would be right with the world again! Haha :)

CC xoxoo

23rd July 2014, 16:29
Hi CC,

We had a First Lady ,some years ago now, though her reputation lives on, looking back on those years so many tried to stand up to her and failed ,loved or hated her she will be remembered in very different ways ,my life then revolved around security and for me she was very good ,unlike the politicians today she stood by her desciśionś ,many made for her by the advisers but no one treated her like a fool. Those who did learnt the hard way .We need to get more women into high places in political situations in my view the men so far have very much made our country into a little country who thinks the world revolves around us, so you have my vote for what good it is now,heaven knows they really couldn't be as bad as the ones we have now

23rd July 2014, 17:26
The world could certainly use another 'Iron Lady' that's for sure Pete. Not so sure if they make them like that any more, but agree would certainly be refreshing to have one again!!


24th July 2014, 03:08
Women Pete, can be exacting too! because we wouldn't tolerate temper tantrums or the likes. Yes your "iron lady" was one charismatic politician. I vote for no innocent killings. But what you decide with the rotten souls is up to you guys, as a member of the Forum UN committee i will vote Yes and then i want to talk speedos, pool boys.

24th July 2014, 03:18
Just to add to the unrest of what’s going on in this crazy world of ours the two American flags that fly on top of the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced by two white flags. This news may have reached the UK but it certainly adds a new level of uneasiness for those of us living in this Tri-State area.

Since white flags universally signify ‘surrender’ and we were not given any further information on who is responsible for this is quite alarming in my opinion. Amazing that it was even possible to do this on the Brooklyn Bridge with cameras and security. If whoever is responsible was able to do this then clearly any extremist with an agenda could easily get away with planting a bomb as well.

"John ******, the city's deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said "At this time, it appears (the act) has no particular nexus to terrorism," ****** said. "This may be somebody's art project, or may be an attempt to make some kind of statement. But it's not clear what that statement is."

I guess he will wait for the next unimaginable terrorist act to be clear on what exactly their statement is !!

More scary stuff! and a statement like that is exactly why women need to rule the world :)

As a Forum UN committee member Marieline I second your motion for speedos and pool boy talks.


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