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10th July 2014, 15:52
Hi all

For those of you missing G60dubber on the forum.. he is keeping well, considering the ups and downs!

I just wanted to share that we booked a holiday through the disabledholidays.com website and they were fantastic at helping us find somewhere suitable. I said the priority was an electric bed, hoist, wetroom, wheelchair access etc and they came up with a lovely property in Norfolk. It is something to look forward to and our little girl is soooooo excited! Bless her.

The property also has a swimming pool with a hoist which I am hoping we can get him into. Has anyone got experience/advice on how to manage this. Adie is hoisted into bed so is used to being in hoist, but do I need a specific type of sling? How does the body react in the water? He has not been in a pool since becoming paralysed so we are concious of how to do this. Any suggestions appreciated :)




10th July 2014, 17:01
Hi Kiran,
In my experience, pool hoists are different from those used at home. They are normally seats or beds, which are lowered into the water. I’m sure these are expensive, so I don’t know what type a rental property would have, but am sure you can enquire.
I have to wear a neck float and a noodle under my knees, which allows me to float on my back. But it is different for everyone.
Sounds like you found a good place. (I’m not going to mention the rowdy neighbours Terry!)

10th July 2014, 18:55
Hi Kiran;

Glad you have updated us and try to have a nice break. I have looked at a place in Norfolk as well for a break a couple of years ago that also had nursing staff and disabled transport for outings.

The hydro hoists that I have seen used for severally disabled people keep the person in the seat so it is a dipping machine. The pool staff or people there should train you and as Ellie says they normally have seats. Be very careful about getting the right floats and I would get extra help in the water so that he feels and is safe.

You are safe from me up there, quite a long way from me. Let me know when you're going and I will keep my music down.

Regards Terry

10th July 2014, 20:09
Hope you have a lovely and very special oliday. It was just great to meet you all at Market Rasen Races on Sunday with the local Lincolnshire MNDA. Pity we didn't get more winners! Much love to you all. Joycie and Peter x

10th July 2014, 22:43
Hi kiran. Fantastic news hope all goes well whats more written web site down as we want to do same and take a carer along. Take care and enjoy


15th July 2014, 23:18
Thanks all. Hope you manage to get somewhere lovely Gerald :-)

Would have loved to have you as a noisy neighbour Terry!! Adie loves his music :-)

Was great to me you too Joycie. We broke even in the end - thankfully!! See you soon. Love to you both.


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