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10th July 2014, 16:22
Hi everyone, we had a home demonstration today for a indoor/outdoor power chair which is a lot smaller than the Spectra.

We found this excellent. Company in Margate who came up to demo on a no obligation basis. They are called
First Choice Mobility, based in Westbrook nr Margate. They do a whole range of aids, wheelchairs both manual and electric and the best thing was they were 500 cheaper than anywhere else. I would highly recommend this company, they were so helpful from the beginning and did a really thorough demo before we made our minds up. We did not feel pressurised at all.

We bought a Rascal 312 turnabout which is amazing , the seat actually turns so if you have a tight corner you can drive In and turn the seat and the motor automatically changes so that you can drive out. Very clever piece of kit.

Not sure how long will be ok for Ed but he was beginning to feel a bit like a stranded whale on the sofa. At least now, although his mobility is very poor, he can get in and out as the seat turns towards him on the sofa, and can actually be more independent. The smile on his face was worth every penny.

We live in Surrey and if you are considering looking at anything type of aid I would give First Choice a ring as I am sure you will get the same excellent service that we did. They will cover a very wide area.

We did try to purchase this locally, but they were 500 dearer, would not do a home no obligation demo even thought we are only 10 minutes from them and said that we would have to actually purchase one before they could get it into the shop. Not very helpful, I would not recommend Lifelong Solutions in Epsom.

I now have one happy bunny, who can't wait to have a go outside on his new toy.

Hope you are all having a good day. Love Diane

10th July 2014, 17:39
Can't wait to hear from Ed about his new wheels. Men always like new toys.


10th July 2014, 17:54
Good for him, hope it gives him more freedom to go out and play! :) Consider keeping the Spectra for yourself Diane you guys can have races like me and my best buddy do!! or just take long strolls together on them...:)

All the best
CC xxoo

11th July 2014, 10:39
Great news Diane hope you and Ed get lots of use out together, cant believe the lack customer service from some firms in this day any and age when everyone is fighting for our hard earned cash you would think a short demo was the least they could do.
Take care regards and best wishes to you and Ed.


5th August 2014, 08:26
Good morning Marc,

Your profile says you sell mobility products. Why would you need any information from people on here other than the size of their bank balance? Surely you are only here to promote your business and it's products.

Forgive me if I misjudge you in some way.


5th August 2014, 12:55
Hi John,

No you didn't misjudge him ,just another parasite trying to be seen as caring ,just cannot beleive how totally stupid these cretins are,, we may be a bit compromised ,but we can still spot a low life .


5th August 2014, 14:16
Has the post from Marc been taken down, I hope my post did not start this up. Some people are just out to make money out of disability and people with mobility problems. Love Diane

5th August 2014, 15:13
Cretin is a good word Pete. It's not your fault Diane, we should be able to post about what we want or need to without vultures circling....it's a good job we're good a spotting the oiks and dobbing them in ;)

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