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11th July 2014, 20:31
Hubby is now having 3 or 4 liquid feeds and a sachet of maxijul500 through his tube daily. He also has one small mashed 'main' meal and 2 smaller meals. Recently he has been struggling to eat his smaller meals and often misses one or both. Now he's even struggling with his main meal, says he feels sick. At first I thought it was just the effort it takes to swallow, understandably, putting him off, not sure. Maybe he's full up with the other stuff, if so, it's taken a few months to have this effect or could it be riluzole? Will be seeing dietician / speech therapist shortly but wondered if anyone else had any ideas we could try first.

11th July 2014, 21:09
Sorry! Just realised, have put this in the wrong place. Hopefully some one with a good idea will read it anyway.
That's what comes with ancient dog waking me up 2 mornings at 5!

12th July 2014, 11:11
Hi Egg,
You don't say what your husbands situation is regarding mobility, if he is sitting a fair amount of time ,that in itself affects the digestion and despite having the daily input guide lines ,I have found it is not always possible to eat just because you have too, rather than eating because your hungry, as i do not have a feeding tube my knowledge of that is nil, but I do take ensure max milky drinks that are high in calories and most others I have tried tend to be very sickly sweet, I guess that's due to the mix inside them. Another thought was is he going to the loo ok as constipation is a well known cause of upset digestion, I do hope you get it sorted , my dietician is a lovely lady who comers up with endless recipes that are easy to cook and work very well for me ,all those years of being a couple of stone overweight ,now I am slimmer no belly !!, even that isn't right , can't win .


13th July 2014, 20:15
Thanks Pete, the mobility thing is probably a good point, he does move around at home OK but uses a chair outside now because of breathlessness and foot drop. His feed contain fibre so all should be OK in that department. He has maintained weight lately so he must be getting what he needs. Hope he doesn't stop eating altogether I don't know what effect that's have on his morale.
Thanks and well done for finding the post in the wrong place!

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