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12th July 2014, 11:29
The Norfolk group have a meeting on the 10th August in Upton.

I am sure that all are welcome, if you do what to attend please get in touch with the branch or PM me.

We plan to attend.


20th July 2014, 09:29
We aim to be there Terry. It will be nice to meet you.

20th July 2014, 11:35
It we be nice to meet Nettie and you. I was hopping that some of the others will come along.

I am easy to recognize, no not by a red rose but my yellow ears sticking though my hat.


4th August 2014, 17:02
Just a reminded that the meeting is this Sunday.

6th August 2014, 10:41
I plan to be there. It will be good to put some faces to names.


6th August 2014, 10:45
That will be great Arthur;

I was hopping that Treelover would come along as well but I don't now think so.


6th August 2014, 11:11
Sorry Terry, not doing so well on the breathing front so socialising is exhausting. Our boys are at home for the weekend so that will be enough. Hope the PEG is settling. X

6th August 2014, 11:18
Sorry to hear that but I knew things were not so easy for you.

RIG settling in, to a life with pain, I do hope it sorts it's self out as I don't like not knowing what's wrong.

Best wishes, love Terry

7th August 2014, 04:51
I hope you guys down there in the Flatlands have a great day.

7th August 2014, 08:30
Possible bad weather on Sunday, but we will try and make it.

10th August 2014, 16:48
Just back from our first regional meeting. Good to meet Terry, Arthur and other local sufferers. Had a nice meal and a good chat, thank you everyone.

10th August 2014, 17:39
Thanks Jack;

It was good to see you both too. You could use a blue tooth speaker with your I pad Trevor. They do little ones that are quite loud.

10th August 2014, 18:02
Good to meet both Terry & Trevor and assume you've both made it home through the fine summer weather:) Nice to meet others too.

Trevor, I'll drop you an EM later.

11th August 2014, 09:27
Terry you have such a nice smile and a good sense of humour as well. You show how it is possible to live with MND.

11th August 2014, 11:19
No chatting me up Trevor!

I am always in trouble for that. It is quite often hard to meet people for the first time when you have Mnd. I must say that both of you were very warm and welcomed me too. Sorry that I was a bit late and could not spend more time with you both. Know you know me you know you can ask me anything and that I will try to help.

Love to you all, Terry

11th August 2014, 15:07
Thanks Terry. :)

7th October 2014, 16:10
The next Norfolk Branch Meeting is on the 19th of October at Wortwell. I plan to be there with the old woman.

If you plan on going please contact the branch before hand or PM me.

Regards Terry

7th October 2014, 17:48
Hi Terry

We're planning to be there on 19th, see you then.


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